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Jan 6, 2007 08:33 PM

westside restaurant with a view

dinner companion has good but conventional taste. a place with beach or highrise view, not too terminally hip or noisy?

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  1. The Restaurant at the Getty. Spectacular views.

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    1. re: nosh

      Ditto this: 310 440 6810 ext 2 for reservations.

    2. You might also consider Geoffrey's.

      Moonshadows has a good view and is closer, but the food not as outstanding.

      1. Moonshadows (the outside patio) is amazing. Really one of the best places in LA.

        Also - the bar at Casa Del Mar (if you can get a window seat) is great. It has bar food that is ok - but the view is of the beach and the Santa Monica Pier. It's very nice.

        1. Cafe Del Rey?

          Great place, not sure if the view is great enough.

          1. One Pico, at Shutters on the Beach. The food is quite good, it's not a terminally hip place, it even has a fireplace. Keep in mind, the view is of the beach which isn't so great at dinner-time in January (it's dark out!) But you can also see the S. Monica pier in the distance, which works a bit better at night. Oh, the service is top notch, it's not noisy, but not stuffy either.