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Jan 6, 2007 08:26 PM

ISO Asian Markets

I got a new wok for Christmas that I'm ready to try out. I live in Pasadena, so I know there are an abundant supply of Asian markets nearby, (Monterey Park, Alhambra, etc.), however, any suggestions as to which one I should go to?

I'm familiar with HK in Glendale, but that is mostly Korean. I'm looking for Chinese ingredients. Additionally, I will be in Chinatown later today, but I don't know if the San Gabriel Valley will have a better selection or not.


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  1. 99 Ranch has a branch in Arcadia and two or three in San Gabriel; there's also Hawaii Supermarket at Valley and Del Mar which is well worth the time, and if you want Viet, go to Phu Ky on Valley between Atlantic and Garfield (closer to Atlantic).

    1. There is a massive supermarket (complete with 5 stall food court) on San Gabriel and Valley (im not known for my memory so careful) on the southwest side of the street.

      Food court, dozens of trinket stalls and one of the largest asian food selections I have ever seen. Sauce isle alone was about 100 feet of just asian sauces. Meat, fish (don't let the kids take a liking to the live turtles). Good asian produce as well.

      Update: Yup, definately Shun Fat at Valley and San Gabriel

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        It's actually labelled as the San Gabriel Superstore, not Shun Fat.

      2. 99 Ranch in San Gabriel on Del Mar has the best selection

        168 on Valley/New Ave in Alhambra has been getting good reviews and had a good selection when I went there.

        Hong Kong Supermarket in San Gabriel on Las Tunas/San Gabriel Blvd is not bad.

        The above supermarkets have decent service and are clean. If you are looking for the down and dirty but great authenticity marets, there are other suggestions...