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Jan 6, 2007 08:02 PM

Long Beach for a leisurely Sunday lunch?

Looking for a great lunch spot in Long Beach where we can sit and talk for a while on a leisurely Sunday afternoon? A place with great salads a plus. . . any part of LB ok . . . Thanks chowhounds!!

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  1. You can't go wrong with Claire's at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Check it out at Lovely surroundings and good food overlooking the beach.

    1. Belmont Brewing Company, especially on a beautiful day.

      We love meeting family here when we are in town. Casual place but it does get busy.

      1. I like going down to second street (belmont shore - between St. Joseph and Naples), finding something that looks good. If im looking for high end it is Bono's, they also serve outdoor and is on your left as you enter second street from the west.
        Good mediteranian place down the street, Crepe place on the other side of the street are just some of the few.

        You can also keep going down second to Naples, a few good selections (Limricks pub, Corso's, high end is Kelly's)

        Schooner or later is in the marina Awsome outdoor dining but reall crowded, but it looks like they close at 3.