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chef's squirt bottles (with caps!) ?

Like the chefs use to decorate a plate with sauces. The only ones I can find have no caps. Need caps.


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  1. I bought several at Smart & Final but that was some time ago.


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      the only ones my S&F has are capless.

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        Are you sure they are capless? Sometimes they invert the lids so the pointy part of the top rests inside the bottle.

    2. I use empty bottles of Braggs aminos and Sriacha sauce for squirters as they both have caps and are a convenient size.

      1. I bought a dozen of them w/ caps at a restaurant supply store for $1.00 per.

        1. I've seen many chefs use plastic bottles intended for hair dye. You might want to check a beauty supply store.

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            I have seen the bottles you mention, but I would be very careful about putting food in bottles that are not labeled as safe for human consumption or NSF approved. Acidic food or sauces and hot caramel can leech toxic compounds into food. I would prefer to spend the extra money to get a safe container, than risking my guests health on a bottle because I saved $.50.

          2. I've seen them at Sur La Table. Don't remember how much but I'm sure you can find it for cheaper someplace else. Maybe Ranch 99 (sorry, I'm from NorCal and just can't bring myself to call it by it's propper name).

            1. If you can't find clear ones, use mustard, relish or ketchup squirt bottles from a restaurant supply store. Cheap and cheerful too!

              1. Chef Central has them..just bought them for husband.

                1. Find a restaurant supply store nearby. Don't know what area you're in, but any Chinatown, Koreatown, or your local "open for retail" restaurant supply store will have those bottles. I use them for simple syrup and chocolate sauce, and pay 60 cents-$1.50 depending on the size.

                  1. Hey, toodie jane, Please check out my source below. They have a few cap versions and as well the "ribbed squeeze" bottles. I would be lost without those as in the fast pace kitchen bottle control goes out the window.


                    For caped "Yorker Spouts" only see the Bottles section at the link below.


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                      these'r them! thanks for the the info

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                        You are welcome...

                        BTW- If I wasn't clear on the ribbed bottles, I was refering to the ability to better grip to control them.

                    2. Dollar Tree has plastic squeeze bottles w/caps--they're intended for ketchup, mustard, & mayo, and colored accordingly, but at $1 for 3, the price is right.

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                        I might have gotten a bad batch, but I bought those once and the red one bled horribly as soon as I washed it in warm (not even hot) water. I threw out the others.

                      2. If I could add that you should be real careful not to place hot stuff in some of the cheaper ones. I learned the hard way, OUCH!!!

                        1. I saw some of these just the other day at Bed Bath & Beyond. They were in the same area as the salt & pepper grinders and the specialty bottles for oils. Unfortunately I didn't notice how much they're charging for them (& they aren't available through their website, so I couldn't check there). It might be worth stopping by just to compare prices.

                          1. In a pinch I always know that I can find clear squirt bottles with caps at Michael's (the craft supply chain). They are in the cake decorating area and are made by Wilton. Usually around $1 each.

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                              They also have an online store.


                              It is less chance for a runaway or useless URL to use their site path (below).

                              Store Home » Candy Shop » Candy-Making Tools » Melting/Decorating Squeeze Bottles