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Jan 6, 2007 07:55 PM

White Bread

Was having lunch after golf and one of the women commented on the bread on her sandwich. I related my g-sons comment re the Honey Wheat Bread I served him (Oh, so that's why it tastes bad) because he prefers white bread only. Much to my surprise, most of the women didn't know there was anything else but white bread until they got older. My Mother had wheat bread and white bread. The white was for me and the wheat was for everyone else. What did you have growing up. One of the women related that her Mother served crescent rolls for special occasions (otherwise white bread) and she just loooooved them. So, please add what you had on holidays/special occasions. Linda

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  1. White, white, white - no one in the whole family knew there was anything else.

    And it's still good and useful - what else are you gonna use when you nuke a hotdog, other than a slice of white bread with a squirt of ketchup? (Buns? Oh, so we're getting all FANCY are we?)

    Had we been presented a lovely, still-warm loaf of Bittman's no-knead, or challah, or sourdough ("Sour? Eeeeewwww!") we would certainly have had no more idea why anyone would make or eat something like that than if a fisherman family friend had shared his catch of squid ("Thanks, Earl ... we'll ... uh ... really enjoy these, I guess.")

    1. My mom always bought Roman Meal and other of multi-grain breads as a kid...which leads me to say I can't stand either to this day. She did however bake white bread from scratch a couple of times a year and I definately remember that.

      1. We had the generic white bread, but also whole wheat and caraway seeded rye in the house. It wasn't unusual to find crusty Italian loves, and during the holiday Brioche was possible.

        My grandmother taught me how to make baguette and sourdough, and German pumpernickel when I was 12.

        1. I guess it was ethnicity-driven. While Wonder Bread was our white bread, we also had good rye bread, challah and pumpernickel form the Eastern European bakeries. Every day, Greco's next door would get a delivery of crusty, hot Italian bread.

          If we were going for gourmet white bread it would be Pepperidge Farms Daffodil Farms bread.

          Unlike my friend's moms, my mother wouldn't trim the crusts on sandwiches.

          I wonder if Wonder Bread was better in the old days before they added all the preservatives and HFCS.

          Who makes good sliced white bread these days?

          Wonder and all of those types of bread just taste like nothing these days ... even the buttertop breads I liked not so many years ago.

          I picked up some Orowheat white and was about to buy it until I read the ingrediant list which had a bunch of preservatives and HFCS.

          Right now my favorite sliced white isn't from a supermarket but from a chain called House of Bread. They use natural ingrediants and it is baked fresh daily.

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            "Who makes good sliced white bread these days?"


            I really like the white bread that Asian (or Japanese) bakeries make.

          2. We always had Wonder, occasionally Sunbeam (I think that's a Cali thing) but my grandmother who lived with us, always had Roman Meal. When I got to be around 9 or so, I would only eat wheat bread (still like it best.) Also around that time, mom started trying to get us to eat seven grain bread, or worse, sprouted wheat bread. Stupid health food craze. She never did convince my dad to buy it, so if he shopped it was Wonder. For special occasions, like Thanksgiving, "Brown 'n' Serve rolls." It's one of those things I just have to have on Thanksgiving, even though they're not that good.