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Jan 6, 2007 07:45 PM

Which LA Region Has The Best Food?

Inspired by a recent thread, I thought I'd post a whole separate thread on the topic as to which LA region (which includes outlying cities as well as Los Angeles proper) has the best food.

Of course, that largely depends on what you consider a region, but let's leave that to the discretion of any responders. Here's my Top 3:

1. Wilshire - Little Ethiopia, K-Town offer great ethnic cuisine, while Fairfax provides the fine dining experiences.

2. Westside - An area that big invariably has it all, from fine dining to holes in the wall.

3. Garden Grove / Westminster - If I could eat only one type of cuisine, without any hesitation, this Filipino would choose Vietnamese. Sorry Mom.

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  1. 1. San Gabriel Valley--best variety of ethnic food and has a decent share of American cuisines (can find anything you want here)

    2. Orange County--good selection of all kinds of food

    3. San Fernando Valley--no Chinese, but good eats and good Japaneses

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      SGV +1. All kinds of Chinese food, Petrillos, Monty's, Fosselman's, Parkway Grill, Shiro's, reasonably priced Mexican, $8 pitchers at Baccalli, cha gio at Golden Deli/Vietnam House, DTF for XLB, Europane, Dominico's, a higher concentration of In'N'Outs, hand-made tortillas at Armando's on the weekends, and the underdog, incredibly good, hole in the wall places that have yet to be discovered.

      sorry, i've seen +1 on so many other message boards and just had to do it before it became TOO out of vogue.

    2. I'd have to agree with the San Gabriel Valley, especially if it is defined as including Pasadena. By far the biggest variety of great restaurants of all sorts. It's not even a close call with any other part of town. I think the Westside would rate about last.

      1. Little Saigon- the level of Vietnamese cooking is amazing. Because of California produce, I can find so many restaurants that's better than what I've had in the real Saigon. Many cities have atleast a handful of good Chinese restaurants, but so few have even one significant vietnamese restaurant. Garden Grove/Westminster has blocks of them.

        San Gabriel Valley -you know why.

        Santa Ana- for Mexican food, even if nobody knows it. (i.e most of LA and OC-ers) It has the highest concentration of spanish speakers in the nation, and the food is on par with that distinction.

        1. East SFV, for the simple reason that almost any cuisine -- including decent authentic Cantonese (hello, Sam Woo and BBQ Unlimited) -- is available. Not always the best example of it (Renu Nakorn, for example, is not in the Valley, nor is Quan Hy) but available and generally serviceable.

          West SGV (west of the 605), for the amazing Asian food mixed with a few great Mexican places.

          North OC (the 714) for the same reason as the East SFV.

          I'll tell you what it isn't -- it isn't the Westside and it sure as hell isn't the Antelope Valley.