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Jan 6, 2007 07:44 PM

Atlantis Restaurant & Oyster Bar - Rocky Mount, NC

I used to go to the raw bar at this place back in the early '90s. They used to have an unusual cocktail sauce they served with their oysters and shrimp. It was tomato based and served warm. More of a spicy sauce. I don't think it even had horseradish. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

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  1. We haven't been in many years, but this place is well worth the hour plus drive from Raleigh! The oyster shucker peels your shrimp as well as the oysters. The sauce is indeed as you describe, with a secret ingredient that no one will share.

    Thanks for th reminder - may be time for a road trip.....


    1. Are they still there? Spouse and I went there often in the '80's when we were dating. We never sat at a table, only the bar. Depending on your outlook, having your shellfish shucked for you and deposited in your plate can feel a little odd. The food though is (was?) quite good.

      Thanks for the reminder.

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        They just decided overnight..........CLOSED.....!!! No warning .....or I would have bought all the sauce they had on hand and froze it or something.....ha ha ha ....!!!!

      2. Would love to have the sauce recipe as an alternate for seafood. I recall one of my friends betting one of the guys behind the raw bar that he could eat it faster than they could shuck/peel it. He lost in a mattter of minutes. Loved that raw bar!!!

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          If you find out where to purchase the famous sauce please let me know ....!!!

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            I just found this board and I too used to eat at the Atlantis in Rocky Mount. You all are so right that they had the absolute best hot sauce in the world. I have always thought it had Heinz 57 in it.

            I would give anything (almost) to get a clone of the recipe.

            1. re: jo rose

              Anybody in that area know who ran it? We'll all chip in, buy the recipe, bottle it and retire.

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                The owners were John Sider (spelling?) and his son, John also. The 2 lead raw bar men were "Mr. Robert" and "Mr. Abraham" and they made the sauce. I offered Mr. Robert $100.00 for the recipe one evening with absolutely no success.