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Jan 6, 2007 07:28 PM

Dooby's Grill - Mesa

We often shop at Giado's, the middle eastern market next to Dooby's but it had been a while since we'd stopped in and eaten next door. And we'd only ever been there for lunch before so last night when tryinig to decide on something nearby for dinner we settled on Dooby's and headed over.

It's been remodeled since we last were there - wtih a section of low tables and floor pillows(with hookas available now). We settled into this section and started reviewing the menu.

Husband quickly settled on the lamb stew with apricot special. While I've never ordered them before I decided to try somthing new and ordered the kofta.

We started with the plate of pickles, olives and the spicy green sauce that was presented to us with hot and fluffy pitas. The pitas particularly were really good! Along with this we had a plate of more olives and feta we had asked for.

Dinner came with soup or salad. I had the lentil soup. the first thing we noticed was the very nice brunoise the cook had done with the carrots in the soup - someone back there has great knife skills! The soup itself was not too thick and had lots of flavor(probably from a chicken base it seemed). Husband had a salad of chopped lettuce, tomato and cucumber with a tangy dressing. He tossed in some olives and feta and declared it delicious.

Next came our dinners....portion size here is ENORMOUS! Mine was two long kofta with a mound of rice pilaf, some baba ganouj and tabbouleh. I'm not sure what I was expecting with the kofta never having had them before(well actually I was expecting my greek mom and grandmother's kefthedes I think) so I was surprised how much like greek sausage - loukaniko - this tasted. Definitely the same seasoning. Loukaniko wasn't one of my favorite things growing up but that said the kofta were well prepared - seared perfectly on the outside and juicy on the inside. Well seasonsed without being overly so.

The rice was tinted lovely yellow from tumeric and had a nice subtle flavor. Tabbouleh was refreshing with lots of lemon. The baba gaonouj was excelllent - great smokey flavor and very creamy.

Husbands stew was delicious. Tender chunks of lamb with apricots, mangos, prunes and lots of spices. Especially cinnamon. Served over the same tasty rice pilaf.

The portions were huge so we both brought home half along with some extra baba ganouj we ordered. The baba ganouj made an excellent breakfast today and the leftover stew was even better at lunch today than last night.

Total before tip was $39.50. The stew was $17. Most things on the menu hover around $12. We drank the hot mint tea which we enjoyed. For a bit of beer or wine it's BYO.

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  1. This is the second good review posted on this board. This place definitely sounds worth a try. Did you notice if they offer felafel?

    1. They do offer falafel. Previous to this visit that was the only thing i'd had there - falafel sandwiches at lunch. They;'re quite good!. Also we've had the hummus there on previous visits and like teh baba ganouj thought it was very good - really creamy like the baba ganouj.

      Dooby himself is a very likeable guy - always smiling.

      1. Everything at Dooby's is absolutely delicious. Before moving to far east Mesa we used to have lunch there quite often. On the same corner of Dobson and Guadalupe is an Indo Pakistani restaurant named Copper Kettle. They have an interesting menu and fantastic lemonade. Buffet at lunch time. Doug