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Jan 6, 2007 07:12 PM

Ethnic Viet?

I think all of the NYC Vietnamese restaurants I've been to are run by ethnic Chinese. Some of them are very good, but the cooking tends to be Cholon-Saigon-style. Are there any ethnic Viet places that might have different menus, or a different spin? NYC doesn't seem to have a big Viet community, though they seem to dominate the fruit & shake carts. It's probably easier to find Viet-run restaurants in Syracuse & Utica than NYC.

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  1. I believe that Nam Son in Manhattan is run by Vietnamese but that's just a guess. Certainly most of their clients are.

    Nam Son, 245 Grand St 212-966-6507

    Someone's blog about a banquet there mentioning a few northern dishes:

    1. Most of the vietnamese restaurants in nyc are run by vietnamese wah kue, aka vietnamese born chinese. There is Hoi An in tribecca which is suppositly the most authentic vietnamese in ny, however the chefs are japanese. I didnt think it was all that.

      1. Nam Som/Thai Son (same owner) is/are definitely Vietnamese run.

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        1. cong ly on hester st btwn bowery/chrystie st is owned and operated by a vietnamese man. the menu is simple but they do a solid job at almost everything. it's my favorite viet restaurant in manhattan.

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              I believe that some of the Bahn Mi places are run by ethnic vietnamese - for example the old Ahn Do in sunset park was a big ARVN hangout.

              One of the difficulties with this type of discussion is that the ethnic chinese are always restauranteurs wherever they go - in many settings where there isnt much of an indigenous restaurant culture, and are very good at picking up and presenting the local food so that in the end it may be a distinction without a difference.

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              I'll third Cong Ly but I hear an awful lot of Cantonese spoken there...

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