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Jan 6, 2007 07:03 PM

Decent Dim Sum in Riverside?

We had a nearby birthday party, so I took my 5 year old to lunch at Hunan Cafe in the Food Emporium shopping center. He had a bowl of rice. I had an utterly pedestrian bowl of egg drop soup and some oddly sour teriyaki beef. (Actually, I wasn't hungry at all but didn't feel right taking up a table and ordering nothing but a bowl of rice for my kid and a seltzer for me.) The rest of the menu looked like every other basic Chinese restaurant.

However. . . they had dim sum and I saw several Chinese families eating it, so this is just to point out that there may be something worth exploring there.

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  1. Where is the Food Emporium shopping center?

    My experience with Chinese food in Riverhead has been less than spectacular. I look forward to finding a place with good Chinese food.

    Hy Ting in town is a solid mediocre.

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      I think the OP is talking about Riverside, Connecticut, part of Greenwich. Sounds like you might be thinking of Riverhead, Long Island?

      Hope that clarifies. To marcia2 - unfortunately I've never eaten at Hunan cafe, so I can't say whether the dim sum is worth anything. I'm assuming you were there near lunch time? I wonder if dim sum there is just lunch or if it is all day?

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        There is a Riverside in, or by Riverhead NY, but it seems like the OP is referring to Ct. by the responses. Did you ever try Johnny Chih's in Westhampton. Fred19?

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          Mac, I went into Johnny Chih's for lunch on a Saturday about 15 years ago. The prices were twice the regular prices for very ordinary food selections and I ended up in a take out type place in Moriches.

          My favorites on LI are Fourtune Wheel and the Orient, whose outstanding food are matched with very reasonable prices.Both have excellent dim sum.

    2. I'd definitely be interested in hearing if this place has decent dim sum. Love dim sum and there doesn;t seem to be much quality chinese in the Greenwich/Riverside/Cos Cob area. Or maybe I'm mistaken? I tried to eat once at the Hunan Cafe but they closed at like 9pm or something on a Thursday which I thought was ridiculous...

      To date I've also tried Hunan Gourmet next to Whole Foods in Greenwich but find them sub-par. Asiana Cafe on the other side of Whole Foods is much better but doesn't do dim far as I'm aware...

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      1. re: Scotty100

        to say there is no quality Chinese in this area is an understatement. It's just plain bad, mostly. White Plains is the closest place with decent Chinese. Aberdeen in WP has very good dim sum, if you get out there. Lots and lots of postings on this board about it.

      2. Yes, Riverside in Greenwich.

        Once in a while, we go to the Hunan Cafe by Whole Foods because they have a couple of Thai dishes we like. But actually now we go to Little Thai Kitchen (?) in Greenwich, which is fine. Not amazing, but kinda scratches the itch. There's a place in New Rochelle, I think, that's gotten a pretty good write up here that I want to try.

        I think I'm actually just not a huge dim sum fan, which sounds like a very odd blanket statement. I like dumplings just fine, but every time I've been (Aberdeen, a couple of highly recommended places in San Francisco, some others) I walk away saying eh, too greasy, too heavy, too salty.

        1. I had the dim sum there about 5 years ago. They have the basics (shrimp dumplings, pork buns) but it is fairly pedestrian.

          It's only 30 minutes or so from that restaurant to Flushing, which has some outstanding dim sum. We just resolved to make the trip whenever we want some.