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italian sub

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Looking for a great italian sub in Manhattan - preferrably midtown or south...

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  1. sub? you mean hero?

    A great italian hero awaits you at Dominicks on 1st ave and 60th.


    1. Faicco's on Bleeker. I just finished one. Well actually 1/2.

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      1. luigi's on 8 av 55street delicious hero and also try their chicken salad

        1. Abbondanza's on Bleecker near MacDougal

          1. Tony Lukes -- 9th ave, between 42nd and 41st street

            1. Second on Domanicks, from which I had a Surpemo yesterday.

              If I went to Tony Lukes, I'd have to order a Roast Pork Italian.

              Have heard good things about Faicco, but have not made it to have one.

              Other suggestions: Aliodoro, on Sullivan north of Spring, whcih is a shadow of what it was as Melampo (Allessandro was a sandwich making genius); and Manganaro's Groceria on 9th Ave. btw. 37th and 38th (http://www.manganaros.com/), which is nearby Manganaro's HeroBoy (http://www.manganarosheroboy.net/). The Groceria claims to have no relationship with HeroBoy, and to me it sounds like a family feud. HeroBoy is more of a fastfood operation, but for one it is good. Aliodoro and the Groceria both use good stuff in their sandwiches, however, I usually find that I am wishing they had more meat in them.

              1. Alleva and the Ialialn Food Center, both in little italy, make great sandwiches...but not as great as Faicco. I would kill for a sandwiches from any of thoses stores. Here in LA nothing even comes close! Blech!