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Birthday Dinner Suggestion Needed for group of gay guys

Need a suggestion for a birthday for Next Friday (the 12th). Looking for something in the area from, basically, Echo Park to Silverlake to Hollywood or West Hollywood. It's for a group of about 12 unpretentious gay men, mostly Latino and blue collar, celebrating a 47th birthday. Something not too expensive. I have two suggestions so far, Cha Cha Cha in WeHo or The Flying Leap in Silverlake. It doesn't have to be a gay place but at least friendly to us (and with a full bar...they love to drink). We did Edendale Grill a couple of years ago for the same birthday person but one of my friends said it's just a little too pricey for this group. Another friend suggested Casita del Campo on Hyperion but I am sorry that is the worst Mexican food on the face of the earth. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. This may be way dated but I have heard that Palermo (1858 N. Vermont) is very gay friendly. I don't believe the food will knock your socks off but this might be a good place to check out on less discriminating food/city sites. The atmosphere is probably faux New Jersey style Sicilian with enormous portions.

    I know they serve wine; I'm not sure if they have a full bar.

    1. I heard that the Cha Cha Cha in Silverlake is better than the one in W.H. Here's the website for both locations: www.theoriginalchachacha.com

      1. I love Marix on Flores and SM. Solid mexican food, great margs (sweet, but strong), great chips and salsa, reasonable prices, very lively and fun casual atmosphere and well, very gay. I always have a great time there and have even celebrated a couple of my birthdays there as well!

        Cha Cha Cha in WH is fun, but I don't love the food.

        1. If you do Cha Cha Cha, definitely go to the one in Silverlake, on Virgil. And it is very good, though I do not think they have a full bar.

          1. I recommend BLD. The food is straight up meat and potatoes, but done very well and reasonably priced.

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              Great food, though perhaps too pricey, since they want something less expensive than Edendale Grill. Also, might be difficult for a large group because BLD doesn't take reservations (unless that's changed recently).

            2. Well, for Mexican in your neighborhood, Conquistador or El Chavo(now owned by the Edendale girl herself, Melanie Tusquellas) would surely be user friendly and definitely better food than the Casita.
              vermont on Vermont would be around the same price as Edendale unless you got the bar menu, Palermo is awful food, and is only beer and wine, Cliff's Edge on Sunset at Edgecliff would be nice with a very large patio and good food, and of course the Cha Cha Cha on Virgil & Melrose.

              1. easy choice...ROYALE on Wilshire.

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                    I heartily second OBar. Great food and great drinks, reasonable prices.

                  2. what about pane e vino on beverly? I went to a birthday dinner with close to a dozen gay men and they're very gay friendly. reserve a table on the patio. the pizzas and pastas are reasonably priced: http://www.panevinola.com/menu.htm

                    1. We ended up at Marix Tex Mex on January 12. It was a cold, windy night. We waited about an hour in the bar which was fine since not everyone showed up right away. Drinks were good and STRONG and the self-serve chips and salsa was good. They placed us in a table next to the summer doors. For those of us on the side of the summer doors, the draft from outside was cold. I left my leather jacket on during the entire dinner. Food prices were very reasonable. Some liked the food, others that it was only fair. First cup of coffee was served good and hot EXCEPT refills. IT was served cold (in a carafe) multiple times. Each time we had to ask for a new cup. Service was pretty good especially considering how busy it was. It certainly was friendly except one friend complained one valet was rude. I was lucky to find a space on the street (that's very difficult). The parking garage just one block away was great for everyone else.

                      These suggestions are great as my birthday is coming up March 3.

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                        3rd the O-Bar rec here -- glad Marix turned out fine (I usually wound up in the nextdoor Basix though).

                        Hope your b-day is a fun one!


                      2. I highly recommend Lala's Argentine Grill

                        7229 Melrose Ave
                        Los Angeles, CA 90046
                        (323) 934-6838

                        My friends and I went there recently for a birthday dinner (group of 8) and we had a wonderful experience. The prices were very reasonable (entrees were 9 - 15ish) and the food was fantastic. The service wasn't the best, but it also wasn't the worst and they didn't seem to care in the least that we are gay and not always discrete about it. Drinks were good - we got Mojitos, carafes of sangria, beers, etc. The restaurant is relatively large, so it tends to be a bit noisy, but we didn't have a problem with that. There were many large groups celebrating birthdays and the entire place seemed to be humming with excitement. Also - make sure to sample the empanadas for an appetizer and their yummmy deserts. Parking is kind of a pain, but I think they have valet and if you are willing to walk a block or two there is some street parking in the surrounding neighborhood (just make sure to read the signs!) Enjoy!