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Jan 6, 2007 06:19 PM

Coziest Restaurants in the City?

Whenever my friend and I plan a night out, her top priorities are quality of food, depth in the wine list, and cozy atmosphere (I think this means dim lighting, warm colored walls and tasteful decoration). Lately, we've frequented Red Cat, Hearth, and Five Points. I'm curious as to what the well-seasoned jury of Chowhounders would recommend.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. i found the little owl very cozy. the food is stellar, the lighting dim, the place small. the wine list while not huge was nice.

    1. it may not be haute cuisine with a fine wine list, but for coziest dining, any of the "curtained" booths at Cibo on 2nd Ave and 41st St are the ticket. Request in advance.

      Whenever I need a spot for cozy, catching up, no rush, this is the ideal.

      1. Assuming you want to go up to midtown for mediocre food for absolutely no reason, go to Cibo. Of the thousands of outstanding restaurants that meet and surpass your criteria in this city, in astoundingly wonderful, memorable neighborhoods, by all means come up to Cibo in midtown and bore yourself to death with this neighborhood for no reason what so ever. And also, enjoy the grey fat old farts at the tables next to you.

        otherwise go downtown or if you must go to midtown- go to l'impero for sure. excellent, amazing food- beautiful setting, great service. a great gorgeous experience highly reccomended.

        1. We had a very cozy and wonderful meal recently at Alfama, the Portuguese restaurant on Hudson St. at Perry in the West Village. They have a huge wine list with a fabulous assortment of Portuguese wines -- we had a really nice red that I'd never tasted or seen before -- and just great food. The place feels cozy, comfortable, the service is very good but not overbearing. And everything we ate was delicious. Definitely a place we'll return to.

          1. The original comment has been removed