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Jan 6, 2007 06:08 PM

potrack strong enough to hold le creuset

hi - let me first say i love this board and get so much out of it on a daily basis. so thanks for that.

anyhow, just thought perhaps one of you nice folks could recommend a potrack sturdy enough to hold a fair bit of my extensive le creuset cookware, which i have been collecting since i started cooking twenty years ago, and use every single day of my life. space is at a premium in our kitchen, but i make do because it's charming to me, and workable as well. only problem is i have pots, pans and dutch ovens allover the place, which actually can look sort of nice if you're not trying to cook! i need some help with a potrack or other storage ideas. i'm terrified to put one up, load it up with my flame orange beauties only to pull down my ceiling.


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    1. Enclumes racks and shelves are very sturdy and heavy duty. It's the moutning you'd have to concern yourself and make sure they're hung properly to take any weight you put on them.

      1. When I mounted my potrack, I made sure it was anchored into the studs of the ceiling. It is unquestionable solid, and as someone posted above, if done properly will not only hold your LC iron, but your body weight as well. Whenever my wife asked me about the safety of our overhead rack, with our toddler ambling around below, I answered her by grabbing it and doing a set of chin-ups right there. I think I made my point and she's never worried about Mason again.

          1. thanks guys, i appreciate your input!