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Jan 6, 2007 06:07 PM

Are there stairs at Chao Thai

I recently got back from Thailand and have been craving real thai food. I've read the comparisons btwn Sri and Chao Thai and it seems that both can be good, but both are inconsistent, so I figured I'd give Chao Thai a try. I want to go with fam, but the grandparents have trouble with steps. Are there any steps to enter the restaurant or steps to get to the bathroom?


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  1. There are no steps to get into the restaurant, but there are steps to get to the bathroom. But be aware that it's a very small place. so there may be a wait for a table depending on when you arrive. Sripraphai has no steps for the restaurant and for the bathroom. It's lot larger restaurant, but a lot more people go. Either place has great food.