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Jan 6, 2007 06:01 PM

NON-ultra-pasteurized milk in Boston area?

Hounds -

I'm looking to make some homemade mozz, and a quick trip to Harvest in Central Square (my neighborhood) for milk showed that plain old regular pasteurized milk is hard to come by these days. They had a few brands, but only one, Garelick, did not say it had been ultra-pasteurized (UHT). UHT milk does not curdle well, and cannot be used to make cheese. And just because a milk is not labeled as such does not mean it hasn't been ultra-pasteurized.

It seems like most milk producers in the area, organic or otherwise, sell both regular pasteurized and UHT milk, but not all stores carry both. Anyone know which brands I should look for, and where?


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  1. Another reason why Harvest sucks big time. Try your local regular supermarket for regular pasteurized milk (e.g. Hood, Shaw's brand).

    Trader Joe's and Whole Foods both sell non-UHT organic milk, but most regular supermarkets don't anymore. Both of these stores have fair prices on good-tasting organic milk.

    1. Luther -

      You are right about that, and I should have mentioned it. Harvest has sucked for years, with crappy produce, lackadaisical service, and ridiculous prices. (The old Allston Harvest was a different story.) They DO carry rennet, which is the one and only reason I was there today. Thanks for the heads up about TJs and WF.


      1. Laws were changed somewhat recently so that manufacturers do not have to label ultra pasteurized milk as such. They can simply say pasteurized milk even though it has been ultra-pasteurized. So if your mozzarella or other cheese doesn't set properly, you may want to check the milk. Farm fresh milk is not UP'd so that should be safe for cheese making. A couple other places that sell farm fresh milk which is great for mozzarella is Russo's in Watertown and Wilson Farms in Arlington. Both are super busy and parking can be a pain sometimes but the produce selection (not to mention the deli case) at Russo's is well worth the trip.

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          Really? That's awful. Remember, the way to tell UHT milk is that it smells kind of funky when you open it up, almost as if it's turned a bit, and kind of like boiled/scalded milk.

        2. Another giveaway (usually) of UHT milk is that it has a much longer shelf-life . . . . I bet if you asked one of those nice WFM employees, they'd be able to tell you, for sure, which milk is UHT processed and which is not. Good luck!