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Jan 6, 2007 05:50 PM

Oh! Tommy Boy's Organic Farm - Grand Lake Farmer's Market Stand!

Was thrilled to find the elusive Rose Finn Apple potato at the Farmer's Market today - I'd actually gone looking for them at Berkeley Bowl a few weeks ago and came up empty.

Along with the Rose Finn Apple (sublime when sliced into coins and fried in duck fat - which can be bought rendered, in a tub, from the French charcuterie guy), there were some 10 or 11 other varieties of beautiful, pristine, delicious looking potatoes (many of which were discussed in the thread I'm linking, from a few days ago)

They said they'd be there every week from now on!

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  1. Thanks so much !!! I've been wanting to get up to their farm, but this is even closer. Are they selling anything besides potatoes? What were the prices like?

    I found a recipe for Acadian potoato chowder with four types of potatoes ... red, gold, blue & sweet. This would be a perfect stop to get the ingrediants for that.

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      Potatoes are their only commercial crop, but when I was at the farm some time in September (?), Victor insisted we harvest whatever we could from his bountiful garden. Lots of produce, not enough time to pick. And hearts of gold.

    2. They only had potatoes, at $3/lb.

      I wonder if blue potatoes would die the rest of the soup purple?