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Jan 6, 2007 05:48 PM

Palm Desert Eats for the Weekend...

My family and I are going to Palm Desert through Tuesday on a vacation, because we didn't get a chance to celebrate the holidays this year. We're in need of some recommendations on where we should go. Any style of cuisine is great, price is not really a problem, but would like to keep it reasonably close to Palm Desert. Willing to drive into Palm Springs though. Thanks much.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My family lives in this area so here's my opinion. P.D., Rancho and accompanying towns have great eating places.
      For fancy $$$$ - Cuistot ( and Wally's Desert Turtle (71-755 Hwy 111 -760-568-9321) (going to Cuistot for lunch next Sat.) And, then Roy's for Hawaiian Fusion -71-959 Hwy 111 (
      )For $$$ -$$$$ beef, chicken fish - Flemings (The Rivers Shopping -760-328-6685
      My fav is Fisherman's for seafood -family style not too $$ - hwy 111 and Washington SE corner next to Trader Joe's or in PSP.
      Can look at this too:

      Have fun - This weekend coming is also the Palm Springs Film Festival. Try and catch a flick or 2. :) KQ

      1. We are heading off to that area next weekend and will be hitting my two favorite places in the area

        LG’s Prime Steakhouse
        74-225 Highway 111
        Palm Desert, CA 92260
        Phone (760) 779-9799
        They have a Palm Springs location as well but this one is the orginal and I think the best. The best table side cesar I have ever had is from there.

        Don & Sweet Sues Cafe
        (760) 770-2760
        68955 Ramon Rd
        Cathedral City, CA 92234

        This is my favorite breakfast spot in the area, we generally hit it on the way out of town on our last day there. Great omlettes and other egg dishes, really homestyle cafe.

        1. Just back from a week in PD. You really must try Manhattan in the Desert. It's a large NY style deli, fairly new, with hugh portions (order accordingly) and reasonable prices.. Beware, it can be packed and the parking lot may be completely full. It's on 111 at the East border of PS--almost in Cathedral City. Sullivans, in the Gardens on El Paseo (PD) is probably the best steakhouse I've been to. Great food, always a large crowd, good service and very nice surroundings. Make reservations and be sure to have the creamed spinich. Aqua Pazza, in the River Shopping Center in Rancho Mirage has lots of great appetizers priced at 50% until 6:30 or 7:00PM and then again after 8:30--small pizzas, calamari, etc--lively atmosphere and a real bargain. Another great bargain in RM is Halawaia Joe's, on 111, closer to the Cathedral City border--teriffic appetizer menu 50% off until 6:30PM. Great ribs, ahi tuna, potstickers, etc. in a beautiful building built into the side of a mountain. Enjoy.

          1. In December we had two excellent dinners at a French Restaurant. I think it is called Palme's, but I am not sure of the spelling. Their food is consistently excellent and the staff delightful. Fairly small and intimate.