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Jan 6, 2007 05:08 PM

Cheap lunches near Griffith Park?

I recently moved near Griffith Park. (Los Feliz side) It seems like most places around here do there best to have subtle signage, which is the opposite of where I lived before.

I love to grab take out, or sometimes pull up a chair for lunch. Only requirement is that its not fried food. Stuff I like are sandwiches,salads, thai, mexican, burgers, seafood etc. Anyone have suggestions of places and what to get?

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  1. Yuca's on Hillhurst for Mexican - cochinita pibil tacos, burritos, carne asada tortas.
    There's several other taco stands to check out, the one in the car wash on Vermont and one just a bit farther west on Hollywood Blvd. -- I've heard some are pretty good.
    India Sweets and Spices on Los Feliz
    Zankou Chicken
    Pattaya on Vermont is pretty good for Thai, or go just a bit further down Hollywood Blvd. for lots of Thai choices like Ruen Pair, Sanamuluang and Red Corner Asia
    If you're willing to go a bit farther into Silver Lake, you can get decent seafood tacos and cheap prices at Siete Mares Tacos.
    Not sure what cheap is for you, but most of the places with nice salads, burgers and such like Alcove, Mustard Seed, and Square One will run you about $15 for lunch.
    OK Vietnamese at Indochine on Glendale Blvd. in Atwater.
    I think they have lunch specials at Japanese spots like En Sushi and Sansui.
    Hope this helps!

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      Chowpatty always has good foodar, and I almost always agree with her tastes. But my experience was different at the taco stand at the carwash. I so wanted to like it because it would be cool to find a good place at a carwash, but it seemed like a lot of money for what you get. If I remember correctly, I think it's 2 bucks for a little taco with meat that was not great; and the salsa bar when I went wasn't so good. A much better salsa bar is at Cactus down on Vine, south of Franklin. Or there's always Tacos Villa Corona in Atwater. There's no salsa bar, but you get a little taco for $1. I usually order 3.

      Another place I'll add to Chowpatty's list is Tropicalia on Hillhurst just south of Franklin. It's a Brazilian restaurant with a killer salad with hearts of palm and good meat dishes, too. They're friendly and there's a wine bar attached.

      There's also Pollo Dorado on Hollywood, just west of Vermont. It's kind of like Pollo Loco insofar as they seemingly have 2 dozen chickens on the grill at any one time, but the chicken is usually pretty good (much better than PL), and it's relatively inexpensive.

      1966 Hillhurst (south of Franklin)
      Los Feliz
      (323) 644-1798

      Pollo Dorado
      4830 Hollywood Blvd. (W of Vermont)
      E. Hollywood/Los Feliz
      (323) 63-3628

    2. Comfort Cafe - Silverlake, on Hyperion (I eat here all the time -- healthy and good)

      Gelson's deli - SL

      Say Cheese - gourmet sandwiches

      Yuca's -- mos def!

      Eat Well -- nearby Glendale & SL

      Vietnamese sandwich place on Hyperion name escapes me

      Tacos Delta - SL

      Madame Mattise's - SL (do a search, terrif for breakfast & lunch)

      Porto's - Glendale

      1. Yes, I forgot to list KP's Deli on Hyperion for Vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches -- not the same as in real Vietnamese restaurants, but definitely worth checking out.
        And Lil Mikey, I haven't actually been to the carwash taco place, but I thought I remembered someone saying it was good. But there was another that came more highly recommended -- was it Antojitos Denise or something like that, right near Barnsdall Park?

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        1. re: Chowpatty

          Antojitos Denise is fair. A better one is Dos Burritos about a half mile east (on Hollywood and Vermont). They're not as consistent as the Dos Burritos on Hollywood, just west of Vine, but they're run by the same family. When the one on Hollywood and Vermont is good, it's great. But you just never know when it's going to be good.

          1. re: lil mikey

            Antojitos Denise is great for pork -- their al pastor in particular. Although I've heard it can be hit or miss depending upon who is doing the cooking, the couple of times I've been there, it's been very tasty.

            I also like Casa Diaz. I personally prefer both Casa Diaz and Antojitos Denise over Yuca's.

            Another favorite of mine is El Gran Burrito, on Vermont and Santa Monica. I recently tried Dos Burritos and was impressed with that, as well.

        2. One of the cheapest lunches near the park is the old Eatz Cafe at the Los Feliz Pitch 'n Putt. The cheapest breakfast in the area, that's for sure.

          Dinah's (Fried Chicken) on San Fernando and Los Feliz is dirt cheap, too. (A suggestion for those who can eat fried stuff.)

          The combo meal at Rick's (not too far from you) is a great deal as well. They make a down and dirty pastrami sandwich...if you're into that...and an awesome breakfast burrito.

          I live in this neighborhood...but have been making frequent lunch trips to Mario's Italian Deli in Glendale...just for their Italian sub.

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          1. re: blacksab67

            Ooh, forgot about Rick's -- if anyone is in the mood for a burger and chili fries, this is the place -- cheap and tasty, too. Their hard-shell tacos are good, as well.

            1. re: DanaB

              ... Ricks also has the very best fries in So-Cal... They're consistantly golden (bordering on overcooked), and are of good thickness-- the little square kind, you know? Ok, yeah, I crave Rick's fries regularly.

              Since I'm harping on fired foods and it's still kind of close by-- for Onion Rings-- you HAVE TO check out Burger Central (on Central) in Glendale. They've got the best rings I've ever had anywhere, that and their char-burgers are pretty darn good too.

          2. Tacos Villa Corona, on Glendale Bl., in Atwater.

            r gould-saltman, remotely, from colorado.