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Jan 6, 2007 04:44 PM

Girls Trip - Westminster Dog Show

Four women going to New York for the Westminster Dog Show, staying at Carlton at 28th and Madison. Looking for restaurants suggestions for dinner after theater on Sunday night, and dinner on Monday and Tuesday nights before the shows at Madison Square Gardens. Or near hotel.
Suggestions we received for post theater include Becco, Orso and Luxia. Comments suggestions, also perhaps dessert somewhere else after dinner
For dinner near Gardens, suggestions include Union Square, Gamercy, 11 Madison, Il Trulli, Park Bisto, comments and suggestions.

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  1. YOu might find the Korean barbecue plazes on W. 32 fun. Orso is a good choice in theater district.

    1. union square, gramercy tavern, and eleven madison park are simply a different league than someplace like i trulli (not to say that i trulli isn't good - it has many fans), and you'll pay accordingly. my order of preference would be: emp, usc, gramercy, i trulli. that said, it really depends on what kind of experience you want to have and how much you'd like to spend, and of course what kind of food you like. it's difficult to get a sense of your preferences from your post.

      1. When we go to Westminster (as spectators only), we always get Korean food around 32nd. However, it's not very fancy generally, so if you're looking for something more upscale in feel, that's not it (though the food is often excellent).
        Will you be showing?

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          Thanks for the suggestions, not showing, just attending. Any other suggestions about attending Westminster?

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            Be sure to go "backstage" -- this is one of few really good bench shows, so you can, and see the dogs there, up close. Some owners even encourage petting. Have fun!

        2. Have dinner (or definitely breakfast) in the hotel. The Carlton is now home to Country (fancy, refined dining) and the Cafe at Country (relaxed but equally delicious). I've had dinner upstairs and brunch in the Cafe and was impressed by both.

          Beg, borrow, steal or do whatever you have to to get the bread they serve at the main dining room (Country). Trust me on this. You will be amazed.