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Worcester Area, Korean food?

I live in the Worcester area and I was hoping that someone could suggest a place to have good Korean food, it's pretty scarce around here. I'm just hoping that I'm not going to have to drive hours to get it. Thanks in advance.

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  1. A Korean rsst opened in Westboro by the rotary. Sorry, don't know the name and haven't tried it. yet.

    1. Is Ayer too far for you? There is a pretty good (for the burbs) Korean place there, Wu Jon (spelling?), just off downtown.

      1. There is a good place in Maynard on Main Street called Little Pusan. I go there for lunch regularly, but have never been for dinner.

        There is a place in Worcester on Main Street called Seoul Leecci. I've never been, mostly because I'm not really sure where it is, and the menu in the yellow pages seemed very limited.

        1. Seoul Leecci on Main Street in Worcester has a long and interesting menu, Korean plus sushi, and when I've gone there it appears frequented by Koreans. I have had a lot of great meals there, and recommend it highly. Lots of interesting and (to me) unusual dishes that go well beyond the Korean fare I've seen elsewhere. Some of it is VERY spicy, and that's coming from a real chile hound.

          It is at 385 Main St., just north of the common, near the intersection with Mechanic St.

          There is (was?) also a small Korean place on a stripmall (along with a Korean grocery) off of Cambridge Street. It's on the right side as you leave Webster Sq going toward Holy Cross.

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            Thanks, Rick! I don't know why their yellow pages ad always turns me off. We will definitely try it!

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              Unfortunately, Seoul Leecci closed its doors in Worcester a few months ago. The space is now occupied by a sports bar called The Gym. Rumor has it that the restaurant was moving into Metrowest somewhere, but I've heard nothing yet. I really miss the place--great food at reasonable prices.

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                Bummer. That's two restaurants now that I've heard about on Chowhound - Seoul Leecci and Anna's Hungarian Kitchen - that have closed before I got a chance to try them. What a shame.

          2. It's tucked away in what might not be the most appealing little mini-mall between a Korean market and a laundromat, but New York Korean Restaurant had an entertaining menu (a lot of noodle dishes that don't always seem to appear in your average restaurant) and tasty food. No atmosphere to speak of and the lights were too bright when we were there a year or so ago, but it was byob, which makes up for a lot.
            First google hit ("new york korean worcester"):

            118 Cambridge St
            Worcester, MA 01603
            (508) 797-4009

            1. Hey guys, there is a good Korean resturant in Worcester. Taste is as good as ones in Boston.
              New York Restaurant : 118 Cambridge St. Worcester, 508-797-4009

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              1. The place in Westborough is called "Westborough Korean". It's right next to the rotary and the address is 7 E. Main St. .....508.366.8898. I think it's been open at least 6 months or so and I love it. I drive about 45 min. and my sister drives about 20 min and we try to go there every weekend for lunch, because it's so delicious. We used to eat at Shilla or Seoul Food in Cambridge, or Little Pusan in Maynard, but even the place in Burlington, MA, but this place is the best! And the people that work there are so friendly!
                I think the reason no one has volunteered the name/address is that they want to keep it as a "hidden jewel" so it doesn't get overrun!
                You'll be thanking me after you eat there.
                I think there was a write-up recently (within the last month) in the MetroWest paper about them, too.

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                  That's where the Catch 22 always comes in chinagirl.
                  Keep 'em too much on the personal QT =
                  not enough customers =
                  not enough revenue =
                  out of biz.

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                    Very happy to report this place is going strong. For my $ this is better than any Korean I've had in Boston or Cambridge. Worth the drive for Korean Hotpot alone. Soon Dae soooo good. 90-95% Korean patronage, many families visit here en masse.
                    They are closed Tuesdays.

                2. There is a new place in Northboro at the intersection of Rt 20 and W Main. Next to LalaJava (new strip mall) it's simply called Korean BBQ Kitchen. The wife and I went there this weekend for lunch, it was GREAT! One of the owners was there and she was really good about walking us through the menu. We split an order of pot stickers (home made) and they were the best we've ever had. I had a Korean version of a Bento box (don't remember the name) the wife had Bi Ba Bim (a bowl of noodles, a bunch of vegies, some chix and an egg) she didn't finish it but it was very good. They have hot pots for dinner and a bunch of other things I can't wait to try... Cause we're definitely going back. the owner said they're applying for a liquor lic. in Apr but it's BYOB for now.

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                    Have to agree. I took my Mom there when it opened and it was fantastic.