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Jan 6, 2007 04:27 PM

Dining rec's in S Jersey or Philly burbs

Lurking for a long time, looking forward to your suggestions
Headed to SJ next weekend for a BD dinner w/my twin bro-- without the KIDS!
Looking for something not crazy expensive, but wouldn't rule out anything. He is (along with his DW) a salt of the earth guy, happy with a decent steak, ribs, or what have you. I'm no gourmand, but would like something "a little different" and a little grown up, since my 5 yo and 3 yo twins will be with their Bubbie... DH and I like a little of everything- for celebrating, I like ethnic, or maybe seafood...
Thanks for any input!

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  1. What area of South Jersey? Near what town?

    1. Don't know where in particular you will be in South Jersy, but some recommendations:
      Elements Cafe in Haddon Heights
      Siris (Thai French)in Cherry Hill
      Catelli (high end Italian) in Voorhees
      La Campagne (rustic French) in Cherry Hill
      Sagami (sushi) in Collingswood
      La Esperanza (Mexican) in Lindenwold
      There are tons of others in the Cherry Hill/Voorhees area, and there are several decent restaurants on Haddon Ave in Collingswood.

      1. We really liked the Tortilla Press in Collingswood when we went there for brunch. The menu looked great for dinner too. Thank you.

        1. A Little Cafe in Voorhees
          Kunkels Seafood and Steakhouse in Haddon Hts
          Word of Mouth in Collingswood
          Villa Barrone in Collingswood
          Tre Familigia in Haddonfield
          Aldo Lamberti in Cherry Hill
          The Chophouse in Gibbsboro

          Have fun!