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What foods comfort you the most when you've got the flu?

For me.. right now since I have the flu.. =/

- steaming jasmine rice w/ a little butter & chicken stock.
- italian shaved ice. (lemon flavor)
- tazo green ginger tea w/ lemon & honey.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. I am on my 5th day of fever, body aches, headache, etc. I am sick of being sick. I have read two books already and have several Netflix films to watch--plus backlogged work that the office sent me (I did ask for it).

    I ordered in several chinese food dishes on Wed and finished them up last night. I can't say these were comfort type foods but I needed something tasty/spicy or it's not appealing. I had hot and sour soup, spicy chicken and eggplant and a curry noodle dish.

    Today I am back to chicken soup, toast and vitamin C. I have been staring at a rice pudding recipe that could be comforting to eat but no energy to prepare.

    1. Got the flu (or something...seeing I got the flu shot) last night.

      I just had soft scrambled eggs with a dallop of whipped cream cheese and chives with a side of fresh berries.

      I would love a grilled cheese or some noodle soup later, but I am laying off the carbs for the next few weeks. Maybe some egg drop soup instead.

      Speedy recovery everyone.

      1. When growing up, my mom always made plain porridge for me when I was sick. Hope you feel better soon!

        1. Two that always comfort me:

          1) Manischewitz Gefilte Fish. (Small bites, right out of the jar) I had an uncle who would just leave a jar on the bedside table for me......

          2) Something that a babysitter used to make for my lunch almost every day... 2 soft boiled eggs, mashed up in a soup cup with some butter and a little salt and pepper. White toast on the side. Sigh.... It's nearly 50 years later, and I still think of this as Mrs. Pulaski's Eggs.

          1. A heaping teaspoon of marmite dissolved in a teacup of hot water soothes a sore throat.

            1. The best medicine is ginger tea with scallions. Draws out the illness.

              1. I've been fighting off a cold for more than a month, but may be losing the fight. Here's what I'll be eating/drinking...

                MaltoMeal with honey and grated apple

                Sauteed slices of garlic in chicken broth

                Trader Joe's Lemon Ginger Echinecea Juice, served warm

                And the old standby--ginger ale

                Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

                1. A couple things that weren't soothing but really helped kick my defenses into gear:

                  Persian panir al sabzih (I'm misspelling that... basically flatbread with walnuts, feta cheese, fresh basil, fresh tarragon I think, some other fresh herbs that you wrap up, with onions, radishes, etc. - topped with sumac powder.

                  And fesenjan - lamb shank in a pureed intense pomegranate walnut sauce.

                  1. Chicken Noodle Soup of course.

                    Apple cider -- that powdered crap :)

                    Noodles w/ parmesan cheese and butter.

                    Sweet rice... white rice in the rice cooker with milk instead of water and sugar... cook until the milk is absorbed and there's a delightful brown crust on the bottom... this sounds good now even though I'm not sick!

                    1. Liquids, liquids, liquids. Hot apple cider (microwaved), any kind of herbal tea without caffeine, chicken soup from the deli (put the kreplach, noodles, matzo ball aside till appetite returns), fruit sorbets, even bouillon. If you have an appetite for anything heavy, consider yourself lucky--you have a cold, not the flu. Flu wipes out your appetite.

                      1. Gatorade and saltines when I have an upset tummy.