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Jan 6, 2007 04:01 PM

Hae Dup Bap - The Best?

Does anyone have a favourite place for hae dup bap? Especially in Koreatown?

Hae dup bap is best described as a sashimi rice salad. From the versions I have tried, the main components are sashimi, steamed rice, salad greens, and a spicy-tangy-sweet sauce, which you then toss together to eat. The crux of the dressing seems to be a generous dose of sesame oil, which renders the dish incredibly fragrant. Each resto will add its own additional ingredients, like salmon roe, cucumber, nori, japanese omelette strips, imitation crab, and so on.

The place I usually go for this is Tokyo Sushi, the one on St. Joseph off Bay (near Bistro 990). They call it "sashimi-don" and add all the things I mentioned above except for salad greens. This version is my favourite primarily because they chop the fish into cubes, which makes the dish easier to toss and eat by the spoonful.

I've also had a nice version at Rolu (Bloor and Spadina) which had sashimi slices and a heavier emphasis on salad ingredients: cubed tomato, cubed avocado (a nice touch) and mesclun.

Despite living close to Koreatown, I've never hit up any of those restaurants for this dish. I would love a recommendation from you Hounds! Thanks in advance.

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  1. the best place I've had Hae Dup Bap is at Sushi Tei which is in Mississauga.

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      I agree with food lover that Sushi Tei has excellent Hwae Dup Bap -- when in koreatown, i tend to go to Ichiban, aka Il Bun Ji where they have HUGE portions and fresh sushi

    2. I like the Hae Dup Bap at Yuki on Dufferin.