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Jan 6, 2007 03:32 PM

k-town open Sunday for late lunch, hopefully with tripe soup??

I have a 3 hour stopover Sunday between 2 and 5 tomorrow at Penn Station and thought about going for some Korean food on 32nd or 33rd. What will be open tomorrow for a filling but not fancy Korean meal? Which might have tripe soup?


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  1. Every Korean restaurant will be open. EVERY one. In fact, I believe all of the ones in that area are open 24 hours. I'm not sure which ones will have tripe soup, but I'm guessing that Gam Mee Ok on 32nd and Woo Chon on 36th are likely candidates. I've had a nice cold cut plate including intestine and liver at Gam Mee Ok, and Woo Chon has an extensive and interesting menu.

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      Actually Dae Dong used to be closed on Sundays but I think they are now open.