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Jan 6, 2007 03:16 PM

Ran Japanese Restaurant in Forest Hills

Anyone tried this place? It doesn't look too promising (I walked by it last night at around 9:30 on my way to DB Wine Bar and it was totally empty) but, well, guess I'm just desperate for another good restaurant in the neighborhood. Would love to hear feedback if anyone's been. Thanks, Sarah

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  1. I was at RAN on Saturday night, incidentally after not being able to get into DB without a wait, and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. From the outside it's hard to tell if it's any different than any other Japanese restaurant in Queens with an awning, but it is. First off, it's Japanese owned, which is a good start in my book considering that all of the Japanese restaurants in Queens are owned by Chinese and Koreans.

    The food I thought was quite authentic as well. The sushi was very fresh and delicate, the miso soup nice and smokey and the futomaki roll very fresh and tasty. Also fantastic, was the very simple but very tasty tuna & avocado salad. It was just a few large fresh peices of tuna and several pieces of avocado in a ponzu or citrusy sauce. Excellent. The interior was a nice departure as well, with celdaon walls Klimt paintings and no blonde wood or lanterns.

    I highly recommend and will be back again myself.

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      Just tried it tonite and was also pleasantly surprised. The host was very friendly. We also noted that he was Japanese and spoke Japanese to the (Japanese) family eating on the next table.

      We didn't try the sushi, but judging by the tuna/avocado salad, the sushi would be fresh and high quality. The knife work and presentation of the avocado salad was simple but nice. (the chef is an older man -- Ran - is appropriate because I can picture him in a Kirasawa film)

      Since its been so cold, we tried the Crab Udon. Light udon, with a slightly thickened clear egg drop broth, - not imitation crab meat. It had a light flavor, very good.
      I've been fighting a cold so I decided on the the tofu steak w. mushroom sauce... which also had a nice light flavor. Delicate tofu w/ string beans and carrots and enoki sauce... fresh ingredients and cooked till tender but not mushy.
      The chef uses sauces that are flavorful, but not overpowering.

      If you want authentic Japanese and a change from the usual Chinese sushi joints, this is a cozy alternative. I will return to try the sushi.

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        I was there again this past Sunday and it was as good as the first time. This time we tried the plum & shiso leaf roll which was quite good and intense although maybe not to everyone's liking. The host also brought out what I believe was a red miso soup which was above and beyond the usual miso. I'm looking forward to trying some of the cooked dished on my next visit.

    2. Where is this place exactly?

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        It's on Metropolitan Ave across the street and a little bit west of DB Wine Bar.

      2. Do either places have parking? if not, how is the street parking situation? Thanks!

        1. We did takeout from RAN last night. The owner/chef looked like he knew his stuff. I ordered a salmon hand roll and his reply was that it wouldn't taste good if not eaten fresh. The sashimi deluxe was excellent, and it had scallop and (I think) mackerel with the usual. The miso eggplant was great too. We'll definitely go again.

          I hope this place has longevity. I don't want to have to go to Sato for sushi again!

          1. I'm so glad that some interest is being generated about this place. This ws my earlier post