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Business Travel to Boston, Financial District, restaurant ideas?

Hi All!

I am traveling to Boston for 2 weeks on Business and was wondering if I could get some recommendations for restaurants. I've only been to Boston once in my life so I really am open to any ideas.

I'm staying in the Financial District, so things around there would be great.


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  1. I'd recommend RADIUS, which is actually in the Financial District. Most other really good restaurants are just a short walk outside the Financial District proper, so you should venture out a bit. SEL DE LA TERRE (waterfront/North End, next to the Aquarium) is excellent. MANTRA is good for upscale Indian (or just to see the hookah den). And LOCKE-OBER (near the Park Street T station) is a Boston institution.

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      I would agree with all of these - all very close to the Financial district - except Mantra. That would be the one mentioned here that I would skip since I was massively disappointed by it.

    2. Les Zygomates, near South Station, french with emphasis on wine. Also their sister restaurant on the same block, Sorriso (Italian).

      No. 9 Park is awesome, near the State House. Also the Federalist in the same area. Spire on Tremont. I'm sure people will mention Troquet.

      You might really enjoy a trip to Durgin Park in the Fanieul Hall complex. Not fine dining, but good food and very old local vibe.

      Definitely take the short walk into the North End, and while you're there maybe hit Neptune Oysters.

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        I heard that the Federalist was undergoing some changes, either to their restaurant or their menu or both. What's the word?

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          When I was at the Fed in Sept, they said they were trying a more casual attitude, less 3-piece suitish. That's all the info I have.

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            They were taken over by the Commonwealth Restaurant Group (Mistral/Sorellina) a little over a year ago, so perhaps they're getting around to making some changes.

      2. Chinatown. Chau Chau City on Essex. Dim Sum. 3rd floor. 9-3pm, seven days a week. A must. Fabulous grocery store, one door down as well.

        1. Don't forget lunch: Sultans kitchen for fresh Turkish, and quick walk to Chacerero (STILL NEXT TI fILENES?). The North End is close by, Neptune seafood, Rabia's, Prezza, etc.

          1. Silvertone Bar & Grill, 69 Bromfield. Best mac & cheese or meatloaf ever.

            1. I highly recommend Anthony's Pier 4. I went while on vacation last summer. Three of us had the works and absolutely everything was excellent, Scallops and lobster were perfecto, desserts deliciously decadent. The popovers were to die for, but they aren't on the regular menu. You can check that out at their website: http://www.pier4.com/anthonys.cfm

              The wait staff was efficient; the place ran like a well-oiled ship. I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable bill considering the quantity and quality of all we ate. Call for reservations. And be sure to make requests for any desserts that need lead time when you place your dinner order.

              I will look forward to returning to Anthony's whenever I can get to Boston.

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                  I cannot disagree more strongly! Anthony's Pier 4 was in its heyday in 1968, today it is one of the most expensive bad meals you can get in Boston. Not consistently - I'm not saying the poster above didn't have a good experience - but they are also capable of presenting sloppy, poorly prepared food accompanied by snotty, obnoxious service. Believe me, I've experienced it.

                  There are far more reliable places to eat, listed in the other posts above.

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                    Anthony's is just waiting to be torn down and replaced with a new restaurant after Pier 4 is developed. If you like falling down, stained ceiling tiles, worn and rip carpet, and overall tired look and feel, than by all means go to Anthony's it is an institution and you know how good institutional food can be ;)

                2. For Japanese, Sakura-Bana on Broad Street is excellent. It's a particularly good choice if you're going to be by yourself. Although the place is extremely crowded at lunch, it's quiet at dinner. I make frequent business trips to Boston and enjoy sitting at the sushi bar. The uni and scallops are usually (but not always) extremely good.

                  1. For something more casual or perhaps after work munchies & beers - Barking Crab.

                    Hop in a cab to the L Street Diner in Southie for breakfast, Amrhein's in Southie for traditional New England pub. Amrhein's is the Broadway Red Line stop or easy cab ride.

                    The Good Life on Kingston St. is great for dinner, music, drinks....that's Downtown Crossing/Finan District - be careful in that area after dark if you're alone, might be better to cab it.

                    Lastly, head to the North End for terrific Italian food. You can walk but a cab would be best there too. Take your pick and enjoy the atmosphere, esp on a weekend evening. ENJOY.

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                      Walk to the north end; it's a 10 or so min easy walk but can be a very traffic jammed, one way street way to get there by cab.

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                        Thanks so much, all the ideas are appreciated! =)

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                          glittery, I would not go by this thread alone. You are here for 2 weeks. That's plenty of time to read various posts throughout chowhound.

                          Beacon Hill, Back Bay, North End, South End, Chinatown--these neighborhoods are all VERY easily accessible from the Financial District. Even in Cambridge, if you take the Red Line (T Subway line), Kendall Square, Central Square, and Harvard Square are all very easy to get to.

                          There are a couple restaurants in this thread, which I won't mention, which simply are not recommendable to someone from out of town. It would be better to roll up your shirt sleeves are read through Chowhound for a while, and note places in the neighborhoods listed.

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                            Excellent advice. Boston is small.

                            For lunch or dinner takeout (open until 8 I believe), Sultan's Kitchen has good Turkish. The specials are worthwhile. It's small and only a couple tables.

                    2. I agree, if you are here for 2 weeks, go out and explore! Lots of good places! If you like Italian, go to the North End (Giacomos on Hanover or several good ones on Salem/Endicott Streets). Asian - go to Chinatown! Fun and hip go to Newbury Street/Back Bay. I love spanish tapas at Tapeos on Newbury and next door Piattini's (italian). If you venture on the subway, try Elephant Walk right outside of Kenmore Square. One of my favorite restaurants!

                      In general I'd recommend staying away from Faneuil Hall - typical tourist trap and terrible food. Anthony's Pier 4, Barking Crab, and Good Life are nasty!

                      Venture out! Boston is a small city!

                      1. The dark horse in the Financial District is Umbria. Great atmosphere with unreal Northern Italian fare. If you want to hang out late night, head upstairs after dinner to the Lounge.

                        Additionally, grab a quick $5 cab ride to the South End and hit up the Butcher Shop. Unbelievable experience. If the Sausage Ragu gnocchi is on the menu, get it. It's the best dish in Boston.

                        1. I would NOT recommend Anthony's Pier 4 or Barking Crab. Both dreadful. The food is horrible and not worth the money. I agree w/ surferbettygirl too in that you should avoid Faneuil Hall.

                          I'd agree w/ Radius. If you take a cab and go to the S. End, Franklin Cafe is good, Union Bar & Restaurant is as well.

                          Teatro near the Theatre District is good too.

                          Silvertone's has great comfort food.

                          I agree w/ L Street Diner in Southie for breakfast. So good!!