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Jan 6, 2007 03:02 PM

Business Travel to Boston, Financial District, restaurant ideas?

Hi All!

I am traveling to Boston for 2 weeks on Business and was wondering if I could get some recommendations for restaurants. I've only been to Boston once in my life so I really am open to any ideas.

I'm staying in the Financial District, so things around there would be great.


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  1. I'd recommend RADIUS, which is actually in the Financial District. Most other really good restaurants are just a short walk outside the Financial District proper, so you should venture out a bit. SEL DE LA TERRE (waterfront/North End, next to the Aquarium) is excellent. MANTRA is good for upscale Indian (or just to see the hookah den). And LOCKE-OBER (near the Park Street T station) is a Boston institution.

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      I would agree with all of these - all very close to the Financial district - except Mantra. That would be the one mentioned here that I would skip since I was massively disappointed by it.

    2. Les Zygomates, near South Station, french with emphasis on wine. Also their sister restaurant on the same block, Sorriso (Italian).

      No. 9 Park is awesome, near the State House. Also the Federalist in the same area. Spire on Tremont. I'm sure people will mention Troquet.

      You might really enjoy a trip to Durgin Park in the Fanieul Hall complex. Not fine dining, but good food and very old local vibe.

      Definitely take the short walk into the North End, and while you're there maybe hit Neptune Oysters.

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        I heard that the Federalist was undergoing some changes, either to their restaurant or their menu or both. What's the word?

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          When I was at the Fed in Sept, they said they were trying a more casual attitude, less 3-piece suitish. That's all the info I have.

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            They were taken over by the Commonwealth Restaurant Group (Mistral/Sorellina) a little over a year ago, so perhaps they're getting around to making some changes.

      2. Chinatown. Chau Chau City on Essex. Dim Sum. 3rd floor. 9-3pm, seven days a week. A must. Fabulous grocery store, one door down as well.

        1. Don't forget lunch: Sultans kitchen for fresh Turkish, and quick walk to Chacerero (STILL NEXT TI fILENES?). The North End is close by, Neptune seafood, Rabia's, Prezza, etc.

          1. Silvertone Bar & Grill, 69 Bromfield. Best mac & cheese or meatloaf ever.