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Jan 6, 2007 02:55 PM

good sandwiches - Allston, Brighton, Watertown - What's out there?

Looking to find great sandwiches in the Allston, Brighton, Watertown area. Anything surprisingly good out there?

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  1. We had a great pulled pork sandwich at Soul Fire on Harvard last week.

    1. Rubin's on Harvard for deli. Two minute walk, heading south on Harvard from Commonwealth.

      Spike's hot dogs, fried, onion rings. Brighton Ave, one block east from Harvard, right side inbound.

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      1. re: Pastramiman

        I must respectfully disagree about Rubin's - unless you're keeping kosher there's no reason to go there for their overpriced, undersized, bland deli. Better to walk ten minutes further up Harvard Street to Zaftig's, or even better, another half-block across Beacon to Michael's Deli, where you'll get the best (and biggest!) corned beef sandwich in the Boston metro area!

      2. Strip-T's on School St in Watertown, near Arsenal St. It's a cafe, not a deli, small and friendly, with fresh ingredients.

        1. I lived in Allston while attending Boston University and nothing beat the Angora Cafe for sandwiches and wraps. It's located at 1020 Commonwealth Ave. You can order for delivery online here:

          The frozen yogurt is delicious as well!

          1. Mathilda's off Grove Street in W'town has interesting sandwiches and is somewhat a throwback to 60's & 70's. The only thging i do not like about them is their use of processed deli. If you order the grilled chicken with all sorts of toppings, it's great and the bread is fantastic. They also make a great brownie.