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Breakfast Tacos and Migas in Austin

hi y'all -- i lived in Austin about a decade + ago (live in NYC now) and will be in town for a few days at the end of the month for the 3M half marathon.

i miss breakfast tacos and migas something fierce. where is the best places to go these days?

if possible, i'd like for the locale to offer both great corn tortillas (homemade preferable) and great fresh salsas. i still miss the long close Seis Salsas on S. First, and it closed when i lived in Austin. although they didn't have great tortillas. i love the tortillas at Guero's, but i hate their salsas and their food is hit or miss (although their el pastor is/was good).

oh, and refried beans are important too. with Migas, i prefer to go charro beans if on offer and tasty ... but for breakfast tacos, you need refried beans, and i prefer them with a good lardy taste.

that dive that closed long ago that was next to the Fiesta had the best refried beans... if anyone remembers them, they are the flavor that i'm hoping to come close to...

despite their lack of corn tortillas of any stripe and middling refried beans, i used to use the Austin Tamale House (airport rd location) as a staple, but that was because their sauce was so good and they were cheap.

one one visit about 5+ years ago, there was a great place my friend took me too out on the west side of 5th, in a red place done up to look like a train or caboose? it had tasty migas breakfast tacos.

i had lived near Curras/Oltorf when it first opened and liked it, but it seems that they are generally considered way-overrated these days?

where is good? is Dos Hermanos on the eastside still good?

i'll be in town for 5 mornings, so i'll be able to try a few... i found an old thread on best taquerias in Austin with a very in-depth post from MPH that i intend to use as a mexican reference for other meals ... s/he mentions Aborrotes Mexicanos for breakfast tacos ... can someone tell me more?

i love al pastor, but i think i've found enough info on that ... and for some things i'll be relying on memory, even if it's just nostalgia that's taking me back.

breakfast tacos & migas... yummmmmm.


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  1. I love the migas at Enchiladas y mas on Anderson Lane. You have to add the cheese, be sure to. Pretty tender tortilla bits and a good portion of veggies, enough fresh (not pickled) jalapeno rings to make a Texan happy. Great muddy refrieds. Thick crunchy bacon. Or, better,you can order a side of beef fajita meat for like 3.50. Crazy busy for weekday lunch but relatively very quiet any other time.

    1. Torchy's Tacos are awesome. Great for breakfast or lunch. The hot sauce is great, if they haven't run out of it. In a trailer at 1207 South 1st Street, across from El Mercado. Try the ranch hand or texas taco.

      1. The migas taco at Maria's Taco Express is great. I personally love Curra's breakfast tacos - mostly because you can ask for their wonderful warm roasted "borracho" salsa...give me a machacado con huevo with that salsa and I'm set - plus I like both their regular chorizo and their veggie chorizo. You know who has really good migas? La Tapatia - Ben White. Joe's Bakery was good, but I haven't been there in a while. El Borrego de Oro has divine corn tortillas, and a decent breakfast taco. Let us know where you wind up!

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          I used to split the migas plate at La Tapatia quite often with an ex boyfriend when down in his neck of the woods. They were super tasty and plentiful. Plus, I was always amused by the addition of the side of ham (thin sliced lunch meat ham slapped on the griddle to brown and warm) :)

        2. charlie_b,

          I'm glad you found that "best of" thread useful. Here's a link to an older thread that gives some details about Abarrotes Mexicanos:


          I wish I could find an even older thread by woodrow on the subject of migas. But it was posted before the changeover to the new software and hence doesn't show up in a search of the boards. The migas at Abarrotes are traditional, by which I mean pristine: eggs, fried corn tortillas, and just enough other ingredients to make the dish taste good. Personally, I prefer the traditional version of Mexican breakfast foods over strange combos like "chorimigas" or similar everything-but-the-kitchen-sink options. The breakfast tacos at AM are good with a dash of their red salsa; you can also ask them to add bacon or cheese, if you like.

          The satisfying breakfast tacos at La Tapatia, which were mentioned above, are also dirt cheap (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/304597 ).

          Happy chowhounding,

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            ok, i leave for Austin tomorrow and i will post a follow-up after my return. my "shortlist" seems to be:

            MUST TRY:

            Angie's (homemade tortillas, carnitas)
            Rosita's Al Pastor (el pastor, refried beans, quac, cilantro salsa)
            Maria's Taco Xpress (migas tacos, al pastor)
            Abarrotes Mexicanos (migas tacos + bacon, breakfast tacos & best all around)


            El Chile (Tex Mex best all around common denominator)
            Taqueria Arandas
            Seis Mesas (refried beans)
            El Meson Taqueria (best corn tortillas, pipian, chicken stuff)
            Juanita's Tacos on 5th (red caboose) (carnitas, breakfast tacos)
            Taqueria Los Jalisciences (6201 Hwy 290) (el pastor, gorditos, salsas)
            Enchiladas y Mas (migas / Anderson Lane)
            Torchy's Tacos (trailer: 1207 S 1st, across from El Mercado)
            Taqueria La Tipatia (breakfast tacos, migas, carnitas)


            Guero's (my only fond memories of Guero's is for their corn tortillas and el pastor, not anything else, and terrible salsas)
            Curra's (seems that it's resting on past glory only, too bad)

            i remembered the name of the dive next to Fiesta that's long gone that had the best refried beans i've ever had (oh so lardy good) -- Pato's. if anyone remembers these beans from 10-15 years ago and knows of an equivilant, point me to it,.

            other meals on my agenda:
            - Uchi
            - Lockhart BBQ
            - Eastside Cafe (part nostalgia, but glad to hear that it's still solid per most reviews)
            - Ruby's BBQ/Quadalupe (part nostalgia, partly because they source "whole foods" style meat, partly because they have great sides, partly because of atmosphere)
            - Hyde Park Bar & Grill (part nostalgia, lunch, for those fries)
            - El Sol y La Luna (Thurs Chili Relleno lunch special, maybe nostalgia, but i remember their veggie Chili Relleno as being really quite tasty)

            - is Dos Hermanos still around, in operation, and turning out some decent food?
            - i remember the Austin Java Co (12th/Lamar) having an amazingly good roasted chicken soup (and i don't like chicken soup usually). does anyone know if that's still true? their menu notes it as award-winning now, i don't think it was when i lived there, but i thought it should be.


            1. re: charlie_b

              Have fun in Austin Charlie.

              My two current favorites for breakfast tacos are El Chilito & Mi Madres. They are both right next to each other on Manor Rd.

              Forgive El Chilito for being somewhat trendy, but the one key to their breakfast tacos are the freshly made tortillas. This gives them a huge leg up in my opinion.

              1. re: charlie_b

                Java still has the soup and it's still good. You might give the Barton Springs location a try, if just to check out the new digs.

              2. re: MPH

                I'll now also echo the praise for La Tapatia, having now had the opportunity to try them a couple of times. The draw for return visits, for me, is that pierna (pork leg). Fatty, crispy, succulent little tacos they are. The guisada was also not bad, but I thought the barbacoa was pretty mediocre-to-subpar.

                Just realized this is a breakfast taco thread though, and theirs are quite good, and dirt cheap. Best if you get there before 8am, as there tends to be a wait after that. In fact, one time I ended up getting breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana due to the long wait at La Tapatia, and boy did I regret that.

              3. The Taco Place on 5th is Juanita's Tacos. I've no idea if it is the same management/name as when you where here but it is still in the caboose. I've been once or twice and enjoyed the food.

                Also, I'm not sure MPH is referring to this post of woodrow's on migas: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                I'm in no league as these other experts on breakfast tacos, but my favorite taco is still the Shack Taco served at Taco Shacks across the (north river) city.

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                1. re: Carter B.

                  Thanks, Carter B. That was the exact post I was looking for.

                  I like the way woodrow compares and contrasts the different styles of migas. In fact, when I first read his tantalizing description, I was compelled to try Abarrotes Mexicanos the very next day.


                  1. re: MPH

                    When dining at Abarrotes Mexicano ask if perhaps they'll do Pork Chops Divorceados[Pork Chops on respective ends of plate,one with Green Sauce,one with Red Sauce]They nest porky refried beans and decent rice in the middle.It's splendid.

                2. Homemade flour tortillas are essential to a good breakfast taco and on this most Austin joints fall short.

                  Some of the best in the area are found in Buda at Helen's Casa Alde. Get the Fatty taco. About 3/4 lbs of breakfast taco goodness on large thick homemade tortillas.

                  1. Arranda's has very good Migas in my opinion.

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                    1. re: achtungpv

                      thanks all for your input, i posted an overall trip report called "Trip Report: former Austinite, now NYC report (LONG)".

                      appreciate it!

                    2. also, thank you for the information about breakfast tacos; i visited austin a few weeks ago, and got the 3 tacos for 1.99 special at la tapatia. my entire breakfast was 2.15. i couldn't believe it.

                      (i ordered cheese and egg, bacon and egg, and chorizo and egg)

                      1. For me, the best corn tortillas and breakfast tacos are at El Meson (on Burleson Rd, not far from the airport--weird location great, great, great interior Mexican food, not expensive). My personal morning favorite, chorizo and eggs with mushrooms. (I've been living in NY for two months after 11 years in Austin, and I dream about El Meson breakfast tacos regularly). They always have a rotating selection of 2 or 3 handmade salsas out in large bowls on the counter plus escabeche. And for lunch, their version of "pastor" is especially delicious--rich, smoky pork bits that are nicely caramelized with tasty bits of fresh pineapple soaking up all the delicious red-tinted pork fat. Carnivores will be especially happy here for lunch and dinner, though they do a decent calabacitas or cheese enchiladas. But go for the meat--good chilorio, great cochinita pibil, very good chicken tinga. It's a very special hole-in-the wall joint that's a bit out of the way, but well worth the trouble.

                        1. No one's mentioned Taco Deli! This is one of my favorite taco places in Austin. They use the freshest ingredients (mojo fish taco is really great) and they're open very early for breakfast (papas-eggs-avocado breakfast taco is my fav).

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                            I'm a fan of Tacodeli....especially because its so close to home. I love the papas (more like mashed potatoes than your typical home fries). They are also in my opinion way beyond Taco Shack....at least in its North location at Parmer and Metric....especially in terms of lunch items.

                            Stopped by Taco Shack a few weeks back for a quick lunch (I had thought they might be serving bfast tacos still but alas it was 11:20 and the cut off was 11) and ordered a taco plate with one ch faj. and one carne guisada, both came on passable flour tortillas. The chic. was terribly dry and not even a healthy dousing of salsa helped. The guisada was quite possibly the worst I ever had. It was swimming in fat (hey i like fatty stuff but this was ridiculous) and relatively flavorless--comparable to my grandma's infamous sunday dried out pot roast with no taste gravy. Worst of all though was probably the rice and beans. Rice was dry and crunchy and the beans (supposedly refried) were bean water with a few bean like objects floating about.

                            Next time I want a quick taco for lunch (or breakfast) close to home I'm off to Taco Deli where a friend reports their gorditas are to die for. Or, the other option is the tasty Don Luis SuperTaco.

                          2. Took the opportunity to get to-go chorizo migas + cheese from Enchiladas Y Mas today, and it was delicious.

                            The migas had an ideal consistency: just the right amount of crunch, squish, and chew from the constituent parts. The chorizo bits were delicious, and the migas was also littered with ideal levels of tomato, onion, and fresh jalapeno. The accompanying flour tortillas (corn also available) weren't anything special, but didn't offend.

                            As I was picking up this dish with the intent of sharing, I also procured a brace of bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast tacos. These were sort of bad; they were in a congealed state that suggested they had been composed hours before, had a strange odor, and the bacon was gristly.

                            I heartily recommend their chorizo migas + cheese to all; their b+e+cheese tacos, not so much!

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                            1. re: tom in austin

                              On my flight back from Nashville last week, I opened up the American Way magazine and they had an article called Taco Town. It claimed to be the ultimate guide to Austin breakfast tacos. Great article. Here's who got mentioned:

                              El Chilito Tacos y Cafe
                              El Sol y la Luna
                              Joe's Bakery & Coffee Shop
                              Juan in a MMillion
                              La Mexicana Bakery
                              Little Mexico Restaurant
                              Mi Madre's
                              Polvo's Mexican Restaurant
                              Taco Xpress
                              Tamale House
                              Taqueria Arandas

                              Can't decide which one to try on my trip to Austin next week!

                              1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                                Some of the places on this list are better than others. Personally, I wouldn't go with any of them for breakfast tacos, with the possible exception of Arandas. I’d suggest Don Luis on the north side or one of many no-frills but good spots on the east side of town (like Abarrotes Mexicanos). In south Austin, I'd recommend Habañero Mexican Cafe.

                                Other 'hounds really like some of these listed restaurants, and you can search this board for new tips. Fortunately, there are many options in town, so there’s no need to rely solely on the dozen places recommended by American Airlines.

                                In the spirit of helping you avoid less-than-delicious breakfast chow, let me add that I wouldn't be dragged into El Sol y La Luna, Little Mexico, Juan in a Million, or Polvo's.


                                1. re: MPH

                                  I'm with you -- I wouldn't go to any of these for breakfast, except the Mighty Tamale House "#3" on Airport! A recent visit reminded me of their inconsistent nature when ordering their lunch items: sometimes the Regular Dinner is a masterpiece, other times it is a leathery mistake. However, I also procured Migas + Cheese, Huevos Rancheros over easy + Cheese, and numerous breakfast tacos for a large group -- everything I sampled from the breakfast category was a hit. Even pulled off the beans-subbed-for-guac move on the Migas. So awesome.

                                  Short reviews of the other places on the list:

                                  El Chilito Tacos y Cafe -- suprisingly good; often preferred over El Chile. Usually a trailer is better.

                                  El Sol y la Luna -- this place is a catastrophe. I promise five years ago they
                                  weren't this bad.

                                  Joe's Bakery & Coffee Shop -- surviving on nostalgic inertia from weekend-tripping Longhorn fans.

                                  Juan in a Million -- some salsa not so bad, not much else.

                                  La Mexicana Bakery -- looks great! The food stinks.

                                  Little Mexico Restaurant -- haven't been.

                                  Mi Madre's -- mediocre at best. I'll refrain from conveying any anecdotes about this place.

                                  Polvo's Mexican Restaurant -- tragic breakfast tacos, do not attempt. Lunch or later only. Even then, bring your own chips. And maybe your own food.

                                  Tacodeli -- tricked out tacos; feels like a Dallas knock-off of Maria's Taco Xpress.

                                  Taco Xpress -- not bad, but despite twenty-something visits over six or more years, I never have understood the fanatic following.

                                  Tamale House -- this time I'm the irrational fanatic. Many a food critic is probably mystified. I freaking love the place. Closes at 3 PM, not open on Sundays.

                                  Taqueria Arandas -- one of a million near-identical Mexican taqueria mini-chains; cheap, pretty good food. Be warned: ingredients sometimes taste like they were bought from the bargain bin.

                                  1. re: tom in austin

                                    Nice details, tom in austin. I'll add an entry for Little Mexico, which you haven't tried yet.

                                    Little Mexico -- Five years ago, they served good, basic breakfast and lunch food, including a respectable carne asada. By 2007, their food had become like the low-quality fare (stale tortillas; rubbery egg-based fillings; cheap, flavorless meat) that you'd get at a national "Tex-Mex" chain. To be avoided.

                              2. re: tom in austin

                                Be warned that when I went to Enchiladas Y Mas, the cheese was of the Velveeta variety. Without the cheese, the migas might have been good. Unfortunately, it was a little hard for me to look past this. My advice is to avoid the cheese unless you like yours heavily processed. Perhaps this has changed recently as I was there a year ago.

                              3. mi madres breakfast migas taco for sure! i look forward to that shit every time i visit austin!

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                                1. re: sweetwankle

                                  I'm on the Enchiladas y Mas bandwagon

                                2. Often overlooked, Nueva Onda has my fav Migas, *and* they have a miga taco that is devine! You can order from a large list of add-ons (fresh chopped jalepenos is my weakness.) Just off S. Congress on the right before Oltorf, heading south. They have a number of little surprises there, including a daily agua fresca. Too bad I work north, now... http://www.nuevaaustin.com/menu1.htm

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                                  1. re: pbr

                                    Can anyone chime in as to a really great place that is close to the Hilton downtown?

                                    1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                                      For migas, I really like Bodega Vallarta- in a strip mall down on South Congress and William Cannon.

                                  2. You all missed the best migas in town: Star Seed Cafe. They come standard with black beans and home fries. Order them with whole wheat tortillas. Alas, the place has been sanitized since a rich guy from Dallas bought the joint for his frat-sons a few years ago. Yes, most of the colorful staff has left. Thankfully, the twins didn't mess with the menu. Now, there are Izod shirts in there but we'll always have the punk rock memories...

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                                    1. re: Austinfoodsnob

                                      From a previous post:Rarely have I had food as bad as my last two visits to Star Seeds,yep,they cleaned it up,painted it,powerwashed the parking lot what have you but please PLEASE,don't make the mistake of eating there.Deep frying sausage patties that were cooked the day before does not revive them in any way,Grits should not have a thick crust of mystery gunk straddling them,over medium fried eggs should not provoke a discussion as to what kind of creature they originally eminated from.In short,the worst food I've eaten in Austin.Ever.

                                      1. re: scrumptiouschef

                                        Star Seeds Cafe is inhumanly bad. It might be amusing to tell your worst enemies that it is delicious and not-at-all-crowded at 2 AM. But other than as the punchline to a cruel practical joke, Star Seeds serves no purpose.

                                        1. re: scrumptiouschef

                                          On Starseeds: i think i mentioned them a while ago when someone was looking for a late night eatery. I got to thinking how long it'd been since I'd eaten there, and I decided to go early one saturday AM for the migas, which I remembered as being passable, and choc full of jalapenos, which I always enjoy. And yes, I had been to SS since the new ownership, but its been maybe 2 years ago, so I thought I knew what to expect....) My experience there this time around was HORRIBLE. First and foremost, the thing I cannot get past is the smell that eminated from the (kitchen? bathroom?) and permeated the entire cafe. I sat at the bar reading my Chronicle, and it smelled like raw sewage. I kid you not. SEWAGE. I actually cannot believe now, that I stayed and ate a little bit of the food. The migas were so-so, but pretty watery, and the eggs were not mixed well; the cheese was hiding somewhere, I could not find it. Home fries, burnt. And I like them a bit on the brown and crunchy side, but those were ridiculous. Tortillas, obviously reheated a few times: tough and chewy. I think I have TMJ now. The waitress, surly, which I didn't mind, it's actually the one thing that reminded me of old SSC. But in short, I will NEVER eat there again unless there's a nuclear winter about and the only thing that's survived are their indegestable, indestructable home fries and tortillas. Sorry for going off on them, but that smell.... man oh man.

                                          1. re: femmenikita

                                            The "eggs"at Starseeds come from a plastic bladder encased in a sturdy cardboard box...the cook opens a spout on the side and the "eggs"gush forth onto the griddle.The saddest part of the "new"Starseeds is the besmirchment of the concept of the diner;humble,workmen's fare,open all night,feeding the latenighters as well as the folks from the neighborhood.It's so easy to execute and a million or so years ago StarSeeds actually had pretty good food.It's a dark era for this little building but you can still enjoy a $3 cup of coffee[2 for the coffee 1 for the server]yeah the coffee's terrible too but it'll give you a nice jolt and get you along your way.

                                        1. re: luci

                                          From Wikipedia:

                                          In Texas, migas (also known as migajas) is a traditional breakfast dish in Tex-Mex cuisine. Originally eaten during Lent, this meatless dish consists of egg scrambled and sauteed together in butter or oil with torn strips of corn tortillas, diced onions, sliced chile peppers, diced fresh tomatoes, and cheese, plus various spices and condiments (e.g. salsa, pico de gallo). Migas are typically served with refried beans, and corn or flour tortillas are used to enfold all of the ingredients into delicious migas tacos. The traditional Mexican main-course dish chilaquiles is similar to migas in some respects.


                                          1. re: tom in austin

                                            Wikipedia is a good start. There's also an ongoing discussion on the nature of chilaquiles and migas on this site's General Chowhounding Topics:



                                        2. Tried Torchy's today and was disappointed.

                                          Went with wife and ordered two Monk's Specials, a potato-egg-cheese, and a chorizo-egg-cheese-potato.

                                          The flavor and consistency (overcooked, bordering on fried, very bland) of their eggs leave a lot to be desired. Not quite Polvo's-bad, but definitely the worst part of the taco. This weak spot is made more glaring by the fact that they give you a lot of egg on each taco.

                                          The potato chunks weren't bad -- forgettable and unoffensive.

                                          The bacon was really quiet nice and was diced into the egg; with the Monk's, this came with green chiles which punched the taco up a notch. The Monk's started out pretty nasty, but once egg surgery had been performed (removing much egg, but not much bacon), the taco became pretty delicious.

                                          The chorizo was fine; nothing exceptional. I kind of like how the ones I get at El Meson in the AM bleed bright orange. These didn't. While my tongue dissents, my cardiologist thanks you.

                                          I have to admit, their sauces are really good. The red sauce has very little bite but a very pleasant flavor (smoky tomato). The green sauce was great as well. My advice: buy a pint each of Torchy's red and green sauces and keep them on you. Apply these sauces to tacos bought elsewhere.

                                          The lunch options looked much more interesting -- I'll give those a shot some other time. I really was craving pastor this morning, and noticed that Torchy's offers no pastor of any kind (which surprised me, given the rave reviews this place gets). Then again, I was in an early-morning haze and possibly misread the menu -- Torchy's fans, did I miss it? Also, did I perhaps just order poorly and miss Torchy's strengths?

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                                          1. re: tom in austin

                                            I know this is a breakfast thread, but I suggest a return trip, if only to try the green chile pork taco. I think you'll find it makes everything else worthwhile.

                                            I don't think Torchy's really specializes in your standard mex-tex-mex taco fare–it's much more gringo-ized, thus the lack of pastor (although they have an unmemorable barbacoa). You might give the Baja shrimp a go as well; it's definitely one of their better items.

                                            You're dead on about the salsas–the owner is a regular champ at the Chronicle hot sauce festival.

                                          2. Noticed posts on this thread today and couldn't resist mentioning today's breakfast taco outing: I decided to visit Tamal House for the first time in years. Matter of fact, I am not sure I have ever been to the Airport location; I used to go to the TH that used to be on 29th and Guad, where the taco shack now waxes shiny and (comparitavely) new... Anyway I remembered TH having delicious hand rolled flour tortillas. What the hell happened? In my zeal I ordered a half dozen tortillas along with my b'fast tacos, looking forward to having them reheated later with butter. They didn't taste hand-rolled at all and were tough. Now, I realize that I was only out $2.49, so, you know, I guess it's no big deal.... I really want to find a tasty breakfast taco joint close to my neighborhood and would appreciate recs (w/hand olled tortillas). I wish I could go to some of the tasty places everyone ventures to on the far south/eastside but gas is so pricey these days, I would rather spend my dollars on more good food than a long drive, although i will if thats what it takes. I just think there has to be something better in central austin. If you have any tips send 'em my way. Maybe I should give Torchy's a whirl...

                                            1. great and informative thread! can't wait to get back to austin and have some good mexican breakfasts

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                                              1. re: jeffbatl

                                                I have become unbelievably obsessed with the chillaquilles at Sazon. I've tried both the red sauce simmered (ranchero) and the green sauce simmered. The green win for me. They have thick corn tortilla chips (not the ones served with salsa) simmered in a tomatillo that's perfectly tangy and with just a hint of heat. That's topped with chopped onions, a little fresh cheese and some sour cream. With sunny side up eggs and refried black beans, it's heaven on a plate.

                                                1. re: foodiegal71

                                                  I have a sweet spot in my heart for Habanero on Oltorf. It's my favorite place to go on a Sunday morning.

                                              2. For something different try Dona Emilia's breakfast tacos. My favorites are
                                                Pabellon-Seasoned shredded beef brisket with Creole sauce
                                                Chorizo Con Huevo -Spanish chorizo sausage and egg
                                                Pico Rico -Yuca hash browns, mozzarella cheese and kiwi pico
                                                de gallo
                                                Carne Asada-Coffee-crusted beef tenderloin and kiwi pico de

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                                                1. re: Don_ya

                                                  Have you ever had a breakfast taco that was so bad that you considered doing something rash?Like visiting violence upon the person responsible for your taco?I'm peaceable...generally,but I had a taco so vile..so disgusting...so reprehensible that it led me to consider never eating a taco again.
                                                  Hot Mamas seems like a nice enough place.Local media touts it as being owned by a former sex therapist.Good enough reason to visit I reckon but what in the Hell is going on with their breakfast tacos?.
                                                  Maybe the owner needs to take a break from the sex therapy and give her cook a remedial in cooking?
                                                  The eggs were green.GREEN.The tortilla was like a wad of toilet paper,only not as tasty.The potatoes were grey and I seriously doubt if the bacon came from a hog.Maybe a Dachsund?I've plumbed the depths of bad tacos...given that I eat upwards of a dozen a week from all manners of carts this is to be expected but MY GOD this was wretched.
                                                  And at $3.17,including tip egregiously expensive.

                                                2. Just discovered Taqueria Laguna on Cameron. Loved it. Especially good chorizo. Also like San Juanita on S. Congress at Oltorf, but it has been discovered and prices, although still good, are no longer "taco cart" cheap. When volume is the order of the day (and pretty darned good quality) Ken's.

                                                  1. 1. Mi Madre's
                                                    2. Maria's Taco Xpress
                                                    3. Torchy's Tacos
                                                    4. Screaming Goat
                                                    Review of Screaming Goat: http://foodtouring.blogspot.com/2008/...
                                                    Review of El Chilito: http://foodtouring.blogspot.com/2008/...

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                                                    1. re: jodila20

                                                      This might sound absurd, but Bill Miller's Bar-b-q serves some good, fast breakfast tacos. If you are in a hurry, skip Taco Cabana or Taco Shack and grab a Bill Miller potato and egg. You will be pleasantly surprised!

                                                      1. re: Nuke73

                                                        Not that absurd actually. They have homemade tortillas and salsa and they are pretty big and cheap. I got a couple of brisket and egg tacos a few days ago and each taco probably had 4 slices of brisket. They were huge. They are definitely better than 80% of the joints out there.

                                                    2. today i had breakfast tacos at doras on 1804 Briarcliff Blvd Austin (926-4958). yesterday i had breakfast tacos at el rincon michoacano at 4917 Airport Blvd (524-0490). both places are open on the weekdays until four pm. i believe they both use handrolled tortillas, though i could be wrong. regardless, theyre both tasty, and cheap - doras has tacos for 1.20, and i got a filling breakfast plate from el rincon for five bucks. so you white kids can drop the recommendations for tamale house and el chilito and go to a place where the mexicans roam. 2-3 4 li5e!

                                                      1. One interesting place for Migas is the Galaxy Cafe (3 locations now). Their migas have one of the better salsas I've had in any restaurant, and you can get them either with or without a decent breakfast sausage mixed in. Good corn tortillas, too, although their refried beans are a little over-blended for my taste. Still, I have recommended this place based on my experiences at their location on Slaughter and Brodie, and folks have reported back that they enjoyed them as well.

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                                                        1. re: GibsonCRG


                                                          A displaced Texan waxes over migas.........where are y'all getting your migas these days?

                                                          1. re: scrumptiouschef

                                                            Jeez, Mr. Chef, you keep rallying out old threads...

                                                            I don't eat migas much and never found much to like about them, but I did enjoy them at Enchiladas Y Mas on Anderson a few years ago.

                                                            1. re: Carter B.

                                                              just trying to rattle the cages of some of these old hounds that seem to have retired from the board.El Rinconsito has disappeared again[this time from the Govalle Food Store parking lot]I know you stomp around that hood a bit.Please keep your eyes peeled for her cart and report back if you spot it.She's a solid number two behind El Rico and I hate not having her as an option.

                                                            2. re: scrumptiouschef

                                                              Maudie's and Manuel's are both great. Just had Manuel's four hours ago!

                                                              1. re: HookEm

                                                                Maudie's is my favorite. I go to the one in Barton Springs area. The salsa is really good. I now live in DC but I am coming to Austin this weekend and will head to Maudie's straight from the airport. I love Maudie's Milagro!
                                                                Can't beat their breakfast burritos and yet so cheap!

                                                              2. re: scrumptiouschef

                                                                I gotta stick with my fave, Tamale House on Airport. They're terrific and only $4.25 with cheese. These things will stay with you all day.

                                                                1. re: austinfood

                                                                  Are watery eggs and soggy, soft tortilla pieces hallmarks of authentic migas? That is all I have had at the Tamale House. I prefer the Migas at the Austin diner. The eggs are fluffy and fresh, and the tortillas still have a little crunch to them. I don't know if this is what is considered to be "good" in Austin, but it's what I like.

                                                            3. Can't believe nobody has mentioned Ken's Tacos. My personal favorite, and the line out the door every morning must mean I'm not the only one.


                                                              3 Replies
                                                              1. re: Jaymes

                                                                thanks for the rec.
                                                                i've never even heard of this place, but it's within a reasonable driving distance.

                                                                1. re: dinaofdoom

                                                                  Migas-- El Chilito or Maria's Taco Xpress, but I haven't had them in a while so that might have changed.

                                                                  Tacos-- Tacodeli. The tacos are fine, but they're really just a vehicle to get that Dona Salsa in my chomper.

                                                              2. So, I've been off work all week for the film festival, woke up today with nowhere to be, and decided it might be fun to hit up a taco truck or two I hadn't yet tried. Had a hankering for scrambled eggs and good tortillas. Remembered reading at some point on this board that there was a good truck at 4917 Airport. Why I recalled the address of the place and not the name, I do not know. Anyway, drove over there, and had a hard time finding the place. There was a restaurant (closed) at 4917, and then a truck called "Durango Tacos" in the same lot. This seemed the right address, but the name didn't sound quite right... I whipped out my iphone to double check the address, cursed ATT because chow mobile was taking a million years to load, and then put my shiz away and ordered something because I realized I looked like a yuppie moron standing there. Ordered one plain potato egg and cheese, red sauce on the side. Stood peering in the truck while a ponytailed lady fixed my taco. Was handed a tiny styrofoam plate with a tortilla loaded to the brim with steaming eggs, soft, lightly browned potatoes, and a mix of what seemed to be a cheddar/jack type blend. Was given choice of red or green salsa. Asked the lady which one was hotter. She furrowed her brow and gave a lengthy "Hmmm..." so I said red would be fine. Went to eat in my car and took a bite. First impression: The flour tortilla was sub-par. Second impression: the eggs and potatoes inside were delicious. I had one of those moments like in the film Ratatouille, where I was transported back to when I was 4 years old and my paternal grandmother cooked scrambled eggs and papas on a grill in a mixture of what I think is part oil, part butter. A flavor is imparted that I somehow never seem to duplicate in my own kitchen. Tried some of the salsa on a bite. It is the runny, smooth, ultra vinegary type with just a few solid flecks of red chile floating around. Was not at all spicy. Not my thing. Feeling inspired, rushed off to see if Riconsito was open, took a wrong turn, and somehow wound up going to Arrandas #3 to try the avocado torta that someone mentioned in another thread. I want to stay on topic, so let's just say that the Arrandas torta was a bad idea. At least I got my Dr. Pepper fix there. Maybe I'll try someplace new tomorrow. Noticed there's a new (I think) if gringofied looking truck on lamar near north loop or so, on the right side of the road if you're heading north. Anyone been?

                                                                1 Reply
                                                                1. re: femmenikita

                                                                  nikita,nice to see you rise Phoenix-like with a nice,long review.

                                                                  Good stuff.

                                                                  I'm deep in the film right now too and am going to condense everything into a long review at the beginning of next week.

                                                                  I've passed the taco truck you speak of and am intrigued but have yet to try it.

                                                                  If you're looking for a new spot check out Candy's taco cart out east 7th near shady lane,north side of 7th in a used car lot.I've been a couple times lately and while she's not El Rico calibre her food is worthwhile.

                                                                2. Migas are something that I could have an endless conversation about, I love them, and I live in the right place for migas, too. Maudie's has consistently had the best migas, in my opinion, than any other place. They are wonderful! Z Tejas has pretty good migas, East Side Cafe's are fine. As for breakfast tacos, I've never been disappointed with Tacodeli's, ever, Rudy's has really good breakfast tacos, Maudie's are great. Does anybody know if Torchy's has breakfast tacos?

                                                                  1. you know, i believe taqueria el risconsito has reemerged from the ashes right off of springdale and airport, in the same complex. i havent been there yet, but im hoping that my favorite spot for breakfast tacos will never die! please dont tell any inspectors though...

                                                                    4 Replies
                                                                    1. re: glorpisgod

                                                                      This is great news, if it's (still) accurate. Can anyone else confirm?

                                                                      1. re: MPH

                                                                        Are you back?

                                                                        Chowhound has missed the crowned king of Austin chow. Return, mighty one!

                                                                        I can't confirm this El Risconsito rumor, but I can note that a number taco carts I rely on have shuffled.

                                                                        The taco stand in the parking lot of the Citgo on Teri is still doin' it daily.

                                                                        1. re: tom in austin

                                                                          Rinconsito was back for a short time but has since disappeared again.

                                                                          1. re: Madcap

                                                                            The Screaming Goat has a great migas taco. We tried several other breakfast tacos and all were excellent.