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Jan 6, 2007 02:50 PM

Breakfast Tacos and Migas in Austin

hi y'all -- i lived in Austin about a decade + ago (live in NYC now) and will be in town for a few days at the end of the month for the 3M half marathon.

i miss breakfast tacos and migas something fierce. where is the best places to go these days?

if possible, i'd like for the locale to offer both great corn tortillas (homemade preferable) and great fresh salsas. i still miss the long close Seis Salsas on S. First, and it closed when i lived in Austin. although they didn't have great tortillas. i love the tortillas at Guero's, but i hate their salsas and their food is hit or miss (although their el pastor is/was good).

oh, and refried beans are important too. with Migas, i prefer to go charro beans if on offer and tasty ... but for breakfast tacos, you need refried beans, and i prefer them with a good lardy taste.

that dive that closed long ago that was next to the Fiesta had the best refried beans... if anyone remembers them, they are the flavor that i'm hoping to come close to...

despite their lack of corn tortillas of any stripe and middling refried beans, i used to use the Austin Tamale House (airport rd location) as a staple, but that was because their sauce was so good and they were cheap.

one one visit about 5+ years ago, there was a great place my friend took me too out on the west side of 5th, in a red place done up to look like a train or caboose? it had tasty migas breakfast tacos.

i had lived near Curras/Oltorf when it first opened and liked it, but it seems that they are generally considered way-overrated these days?

where is good? is Dos Hermanos on the eastside still good?

i'll be in town for 5 mornings, so i'll be able to try a few... i found an old thread on best taquerias in Austin with a very in-depth post from MPH that i intend to use as a mexican reference for other meals ... s/he mentions Aborrotes Mexicanos for breakfast tacos ... can someone tell me more?

i love al pastor, but i think i've found enough info on that ... and for some things i'll be relying on memory, even if it's just nostalgia that's taking me back.

breakfast tacos & migas... yummmmmm.


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  1. I love the migas at Enchiladas y mas on Anderson Lane. You have to add the cheese, be sure to. Pretty tender tortilla bits and a good portion of veggies, enough fresh (not pickled) jalapeno rings to make a Texan happy. Great muddy refrieds. Thick crunchy bacon. Or, better,you can order a side of beef fajita meat for like 3.50. Crazy busy for weekday lunch but relatively very quiet any other time.

    1. Torchy's Tacos are awesome. Great for breakfast or lunch. The hot sauce is great, if they haven't run out of it. In a trailer at 1207 South 1st Street, across from El Mercado. Try the ranch hand or texas taco.

      1. The migas taco at Maria's Taco Express is great. I personally love Curra's breakfast tacos - mostly because you can ask for their wonderful warm roasted "borracho" salsa...give me a machacado con huevo with that salsa and I'm set - plus I like both their regular chorizo and their veggie chorizo. You know who has really good migas? La Tapatia - Ben White. Joe's Bakery was good, but I haven't been there in a while. El Borrego de Oro has divine corn tortillas, and a decent breakfast taco. Let us know where you wind up!

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        1. re: saticoy

          I used to split the migas plate at La Tapatia quite often with an ex boyfriend when down in his neck of the woods. They were super tasty and plentiful. Plus, I was always amused by the addition of the side of ham (thin sliced lunch meat ham slapped on the griddle to brown and warm) :)

        2. charlie_b,

          I'm glad you found that "best of" thread useful. Here's a link to an older thread that gives some details about Abarrotes Mexicanos:

          I wish I could find an even older thread by woodrow on the subject of migas. But it was posted before the changeover to the new software and hence doesn't show up in a search of the boards. The migas at Abarrotes are traditional, by which I mean pristine: eggs, fried corn tortillas, and just enough other ingredients to make the dish taste good. Personally, I prefer the traditional version of Mexican breakfast foods over strange combos like "chorimigas" or similar everything-but-the-kitchen-sink options. The breakfast tacos at AM are good with a dash of their red salsa; you can also ask them to add bacon or cheese, if you like.

          The satisfying breakfast tacos at La Tapatia, which were mentioned above, are also dirt cheap ( ).

          Happy chowhounding,

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          1. re: MPH

            ok, i leave for Austin tomorrow and i will post a follow-up after my return. my "shortlist" seems to be:

            MUST TRY:

            Angie's (homemade tortillas, carnitas)
            Rosita's Al Pastor (el pastor, refried beans, quac, cilantro salsa)
            Maria's Taco Xpress (migas tacos, al pastor)
            Abarrotes Mexicanos (migas tacos + bacon, breakfast tacos & best all around)


            El Chile (Tex Mex best all around common denominator)
            Taqueria Arandas
            Seis Mesas (refried beans)
            El Meson Taqueria (best corn tortillas, pipian, chicken stuff)
            Juanita's Tacos on 5th (red caboose) (carnitas, breakfast tacos)
            Taqueria Los Jalisciences (6201 Hwy 290) (el pastor, gorditos, salsas)
            Enchiladas y Mas (migas / Anderson Lane)
            Torchy's Tacos (trailer: 1207 S 1st, across from El Mercado)
            Taqueria La Tipatia (breakfast tacos, migas, carnitas)


            Guero's (my only fond memories of Guero's is for their corn tortillas and el pastor, not anything else, and terrible salsas)
            Curra's (seems that it's resting on past glory only, too bad)

            i remembered the name of the dive next to Fiesta that's long gone that had the best refried beans i've ever had (oh so lardy good) -- Pato's. if anyone remembers these beans from 10-15 years ago and knows of an equivilant, point me to it,.

            other meals on my agenda:
            - Uchi
            - Lockhart BBQ
            - Eastside Cafe (part nostalgia, but glad to hear that it's still solid per most reviews)
            - Ruby's BBQ/Quadalupe (part nostalgia, partly because they source "whole foods" style meat, partly because they have great sides, partly because of atmosphere)
            - Hyde Park Bar & Grill (part nostalgia, lunch, for those fries)
            - El Sol y La Luna (Thurs Chili Relleno lunch special, maybe nostalgia, but i remember their veggie Chili Relleno as being really quite tasty)

            - is Dos Hermanos still around, in operation, and turning out some decent food?
            - i remember the Austin Java Co (12th/Lamar) having an amazingly good roasted chicken soup (and i don't like chicken soup usually). does anyone know if that's still true? their menu notes it as award-winning now, i don't think it was when i lived there, but i thought it should be.


            1. re: charlie_b

              Have fun in Austin Charlie.

              My two current favorites for breakfast tacos are El Chilito & Mi Madres. They are both right next to each other on Manor Rd.

              Forgive El Chilito for being somewhat trendy, but the one key to their breakfast tacos are the freshly made tortillas. This gives them a huge leg up in my opinion.

              1. re: charlie_b

                Java still has the soup and it's still good. You might give the Barton Springs location a try, if just to check out the new digs.

              2. re: MPH

                I'll now also echo the praise for La Tapatia, having now had the opportunity to try them a couple of times. The draw for return visits, for me, is that pierna (pork leg). Fatty, crispy, succulent little tacos they are. The guisada was also not bad, but I thought the barbacoa was pretty mediocre-to-subpar.

                Just realized this is a breakfast taco thread though, and theirs are quite good, and dirt cheap. Best if you get there before 8am, as there tends to be a wait after that. In fact, one time I ended up getting breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana due to the long wait at La Tapatia, and boy did I regret that.

              3. The Taco Place on 5th is Juanita's Tacos. I've no idea if it is the same management/name as when you where here but it is still in the caboose. I've been once or twice and enjoyed the food.

                Also, I'm not sure MPH is referring to this post of woodrow's on migas:

                I'm in no league as these other experts on breakfast tacos, but my favorite taco is still the Shack Taco served at Taco Shacks across the (north river) city.

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                1. re: Carter B.

                  Thanks, Carter B. That was the exact post I was looking for.

                  I like the way woodrow compares and contrasts the different styles of migas. In fact, when I first read his tantalizing description, I was compelled to try Abarrotes Mexicanos the very next day.


                  1. re: MPH

                    When dining at Abarrotes Mexicano ask if perhaps they'll do Pork Chops Divorceados[Pork Chops on respective ends of plate,one with Green Sauce,one with Red Sauce]They nest porky refried beans and decent rice in the middle.It's splendid.