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Jan 6, 2007 01:55 PM

Stuck Improvised Double Boiler


I was melting chocolate in a stainless bowl over a pot of water, and now the bowl is stuck in the pot!! How do I get it out??? I tried water, dumping oil in the crack, dish soap.... Does anyone have an idea??


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  1. Try ice water in the top and heat the bottom.

    1. More than likely you created a vacuum on cool down. Reverse the procedure by slowly heating it back up. It should release unless it really got locked into place.


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      1. re: RShea78

        LOL! this happens to me all the time when using my waterless cooking saucepans. Have to turn the heat back on to get the lid to come off. Can literally lift pot off stove by picking up the lid handle. Takes a micro-second of heat to do the trick.

        1. re: RShea78

          omigosh! just a little bit of heat unlocked the lid instantly!! I had tried a screwdriver, a bottle opener, etc to no avail. Thank you!

        2. Well, I've tried everything and it hasn't come unstuck yet! :( I froze the whole thing, put ice water in the top and heated the bottom, heated the whole thing... It's still stuck. I'm goign to go get a rubber mallet from my dad and try to dislodge it like that. Other than that, I might just have a permanent double boiler. I wonder if that water in the pan will ever evaporate off.

          1. Whoa before the mallet.

            You have a vacuum so you need to get some air into it. If you have a little eyeglass screw driver try inserting it carefully between the layers to get some air into it.

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              I really don't think it's just a vacuum. There's no way I'd be able to get anything in between the layers. I think it's just completely stuck and I'm going to have to call it a loss soon.

            2. Mallet doesn't sound like a bad idea to me! A few knocks on the rim of the bowl will hopefully take care of it.