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Jan 6, 2007 01:32 PM

Cheap, but good dinner in the plateau--recommendations?

I'll be dining out Saturday night with a group of about 8 and people are on pretty tight budgets, but I don't want to eat mushy pasta. Suggestions? We don't have any special diets and like all kinds of foods.

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  1. Had a great meal at Chao Phraya (Thai), on Laurier and St-Laurent, the other night. Not cheap, but you will be sharing the dishes, and each $12-14 dish will serve about 4 people.

    1. There is Khyber pass on Duluth street where you can bring your own wine. It is afghan cuisine, but accessible because you can have lamb chops, lamb and beef brochettes. You don't have to be afraid of the fact that it is afghan because even fussy eaters can find something to their taste. The best thing there is the house soup. The lentil one is supposed to be good, but the other on (they have two soups on the menu) the menu is to die for! The lamb chops are really good. They are served with rice and salad.

      1. I think the Sapnish social club is pretty good, on St. Laurent, you share all the dishes, and it wasn't bad price wise, the food was great!

        1. Pintxo on Roy. Each pinxto is about 2 bites but not more than $5 a pop. You can easily feed yourself on $30. And they are truly amazing. Otherwise, you could always try Amelio's Pizza on Milton (BYOW) and it closes at 9pm