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Jan 6, 2007 01:32 PM

Pickling spices

Where can I pick up some pickling spices in the Boston or South Shore area?

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  1. It might be a bit far for you, but Penzey's Spices has a store in Arlington Heights, and they definitely have pickling spices - and everything else! Otherwise, you might try an Asian or Indian grocery ... maybe the Super 88 carries it?

    1. I think some of the Shaws carry it in the summer, but not sure they would now. I would give Christina's a call in Inman Square.

      1. all the marketbaskets in my area (merrimack valley) carry this spice combo.

        1. If you are looking for quality, go to Penzey's. Everything they carry is always fresh and top notch.

          You never know the quality of spices sold in supermarkets -- sometimes they've exceeded their shelf life even before they're bought.

          Penzey's and The Spice House also sell on line.