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A Buffalo, NY treat - Aunt Rosie's Loganberry! Where to find it???

This is for all the northerners (or transplant northerners!), because no one close to my area has even heard of this!! :)

It's been 7 years since my college days in the Buffalo/Rochester area (yikes!), and I'm still getting Loganberry cravings! It's one of those regional goodies that you can't find in the NY Metro area. (Not to mention a decent wing too!) Any ideas on where to get Aunt Rosie's?

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  1. OMG... I just came back from Buffalo Sun.. and am currently googling Aunt Rosie's Loganberry! this is how I found this post! if you find it please please let me know... I live in FL of course it is a Buffalo thing!

    1. Hey .. do you like BEEF on WECK! yum.. I thought that was a polish thing.. apparently it is A buffalo thing!

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        Yum! I LOVE Beef on Weck! Haven't had it in a while! One of those amazing Buffalonian treats - like wings and Loganberry. If I'm lucky enough to find some Aunt Rosie's, I'll be sure to let ya know!

      2. Well, Bonnie's Grill in Brooklyn has a pretty good beef on weck- i believe the owner was from buffalo. now if they could just replicate those steak and cheese and dandelion greens from violas... mmm...

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          Hey all, I'm still in Buffalo. My favorite Beef on Weck is from Andersons Drive ins. The "Carls Choice is awesome. Good Beef on Weck CAN be eaten plan, just with Au Jus, or my favorite, with some good strong horseradish toclear the sinuses.Of course, nothing washes it down better than either a crisp cold loganberry, or maybe a Rolling Rock beer! As far as Loganberry goes, I think the concentrate IS still available, but not from Aunt Rosies. I'll try to hunt it down and report back. BTW, Weck (short for Kimmelweck) is GERMAN in origin. in the early 20's LOTS of germans emigrated to Buffalo. The rest is history... :-)

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            Oooo I forgot about Guercios, I'll have to check and and see if they have cronfelts still. Great little market.
            apparently it can also be had at The Broadway Market, at a vendor called "Strawberry Island"


            I think they may ship (if you are really nice!)

        2. Ok, I found two websites that have Aunt Rosies!!

          They don't sell the syrup anymore, but you can buy it in bulk by the can for $1 each. It's expensive, but better than nothing!

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            I saw the sodafinder.com site.. I was iffy about that site.. it just didn't look very...... reliable.. is that the word Im looking for.. the Buffalofoods.com looks better. THANKS! wish they would just sell it here though! I wonder why they don't?

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              Yeah - I think you're right about the Buffalofoods site - looks much more legit! I wish they would sell it by us too, but maybe the Aunt Rosie's people think that palates farther south of B-Lo can't handle the addictive flavor of Loganberry!! Who knows? I guess we have to grin & bear it for now. Too bad we can't get our beef on weck!

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                I actually emailed Pepsi to ask them about Aunt Rosies and why it wasnt distributed anywhere south.. I only received the auto answer saying someone would get back to me w/in 24 hours.. yea.. that never happened.. Im still waiting.. Im gonna try again or call. Maybe they will sell it from thier website or something. Also.. the other day I went to Arby's with my friend .. can you believe I never ate at A rby's well any way.. I ordered a Roast Beef Sandwich and put thier horse raddish sauce on it.. didnt compare... that weck roll really makes a difference. Ah well.. you can order the weck rolls on Buffalofoods site also.

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                  Here's hoping for some real help with our Loganberry craving! Please let me know what Pepsi tells you when (and if, of course!) you hear back from them! I know what you mean about Arby's - it'll hold ya over, but it's definitely not a beef on weck! :) Hey - you wouldn't happen to be a fan of garbage plates, would you? It's the dish that put Rochester on the map! (Well, according to the Food Network, anyway!) :)

          2. The last time I went to Buffalo was 3 years ago and I haven't had loganberry since. (I feel like this is an AA meeting or something). Well I just had a huge craving for it and I live in California now. I'm searching everywhere for this stuff. I have only had Aunt Rosie's but not Crystal Beach. I remember my friend's girlfriend had a bottle of Loganberry syrup that is just mixed with water or soda water and it tastes perfect. Does anyone know where to get this? And which flavor is preffered more...Aunt Rosie or Crystal Beach? I'm goin to try to find that syrup and if I do I'll post where.

            1. As a member of the Buffalo,diaspara, Loganberr drink is sorely missed away from the nickel city. to truly experience Loganberry as it was meant to be (from the old old Crystal Beach days). See if you can track down the actual syrup from Cronfelt's. Cronfelts actually had a stand at Crystal beach with Hot dogs.that's how i get my fix. That's he brand to track down:

              Cronfelt's from Ontario: one bottle of concentrate make about a 5 liters
              Here's a link to a distributor (along with their Kosher cert):

              a place in the broadway mkt sells it: http://www.StrawberryIslandChocolate.com
              here also is a candy store on the canadian side that sells the Cronfelt's syrup

              i have family send it to me.
              years ago, a local Buffalo distributer based in Wilson, Pfeiffer foods would sell gallon jugs of the syrup, but I haven't seen it in years. Same with Trader Joe's. My sister-in-law would bring me back jugs from TR's but alas, no more.

              Pj's and "Crystal Beach" brand are making a good effort to bring back the glory days of Loganberry drink. And it appears that you have found sources for those brands. Other brands fro the old days seem to be gone: Thunder Punch?, comet? Smeaders? not sure of the names..and, i think Aunt Rosa' was an orignal brand as well...i bet the new pepsi version is unrelated, and just a brand acquisition.

              I see someone in Brooklyn is celling Beef/weck. that I must try.

              now as to the rest of buffalo area food, you'll have to track down your own sources of Schweibl's Beef/Weck, Anderson's Custard, Sahlen's or Wardy's hot dogs, Bocce Club pizza...etc..etc..

              1. What exactly is loganberry? What type of drink is it? Carbonated? Oh, I think there is a place in the city that serves their own version of the infamous "garbage plate" ala Nick Tahou's. I read about it last year in Time Out. There is also a place in Cambridge, MA called the "All-Star Sandwich Bar" that serves up some pretty wicked regional sandwiches (muffaletta, brisket, reubens, etc...) with a twist. I've been tehre and it's pretty good stuff. From what I hear, they also serve a pretty respectable beef on weck.Unfortunately, NYC isn't the best "wing" town. Although, I grew up in CNY and I'm totally biased towards the Dinosaur and I think their smoked wings are some of the best I've tasted. They've got a good thing going up in Harlem.

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                  A loganberry is a hybrid berry - a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry. It's sweet & tart just like blackberries & raspberries, but loganberries have the best of both. The loganberry drink that most people know is Aunt Rosie's Loganberry. It's not carbonated - it's a juice drink. In the Buffalo area, they sell it in bottles and in some fast food places, they have Aunt Rosie's on tap - straight from the soda fountain! (Tom Wahl's in the greater Rochester area is one place that has Aunt Rosie's - if only I had a gallon jug so I could take my fix home with me!)

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                    i live in Buffalo...so when I crave Aunt Rosies I go to pretty much any food market and grab some... I'd be willing to take money orders to buy and ship (LOL)...
                    And I love beef on weck...I always forget that these are "Buffalo" things... There's NYC things I crave like good Italian ice...can't get that around here... There is only one pizza joint around here that serves good NYstyle pizza and its a 30 min. ride from where I am... but hey at least they have Aunt Rosies...
                    O and if any of you guys have an IKEA near you..they do a Lingdonberry one which is almost the same (not as good...but worthy) they also sell an Lingdonberry sauce (like cranberry sauce) that tastes great with Pork chops..
                    Any how...

                    1. re: tdiprincess

                      You know - I just might take you up on that, tdi! LOL! Years and years of Aunt Rosie's deprivation makes for quite a craving! Thanks for the tip on the lingdonberry at IKEA - it still won't hold a candle to Aunt Rosie's, but I'll check it out! You Buffalonians are so lucky!!) :)

                      1. re: Sra. Swanky

                        yeah..there's other stuff people have that we don't/... but for such a small city we do have a good variety of food here... Anyhow...the money order is out to anybody. my email addy is tdiprincess@gmail.com for anyone who wants it. I know what its like to be craving something you can't get readily!

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                          Thank you!! I may send a M.O. out to you and treat myself after the holidays are over! (If my pockets aren't completely empty!) ;o)

                2. Guercios Market on Grant St, Buffalo 14213 had the Cronfelts loganberry syrup we discussed (about a year ago!).... ill see what the shipping is..i live across from the post office, and down the street from Guercios..!

                  1. I'm from Buffalo and you have all made me so homesick. Loganberry - hot dogs - beef on weck - good wings. I think I love being from Buffalo!

                    1. I think this may be of help to some of you that can go to Ikea stores, in the Swedish food section at the front of the stores they sell something called Ligonberry Syrup Concentrate. Though it is a different berry than Loganberry the test is almost identicle. I am from Buffalo and live in St Petersburg, whenever I go to Orlando I stop at Ikea and pick up the syrup and the Swedish Coffee that is out of this world. Another thing to do with the syrup is to mix it with vanilla ice cream and make shakes with it. I hope that helps anyone that loves a good Logan Berry.

                      1. If you are still looking for Loganberry, Premier Gourmet in Buffalo sells it on-line for $4.99. Here is the link. I am from Rochester, NY (now living in SoCal) and the kosher deli's, including my father's all had Cronfelt's Loganberry (and used it for loganberry tea).

                        I had been craving it for some time and we had occasion to be in Buffalo last December and went to Premier, bought a couple of bottles and carried them home in my luggage. I came home and found they had an on-line store. Here is the link. https://premiergourmet.com/store/cate....

                        Wegman's in Rochester also carries PJ's Crystal Beach Non-Carbonated Fruit Beverage, Diet Loganberry.


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                          Ok, I am reviving this thread.

                          I had Aunt Rosie's Loganberry drink for my very first time, a couple months back whilst in Buffalo. It was at La Nova Pizzeria.

                          I was blown away, it was so delicious. Sweet as hell, but absolutely fantastic.

                          I will be in Buffalo again next week and I want to know if you can still buy it at Premier Gourmet. Do they still sell it? Is it Aunt Rosie's brand that they sold?

                          Anywhere else I can pick some Aunt Rosie's up??

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                            Hi magic. Isn't it yummy?! Glad you enjoyed it. I wish I could be of more help. Maybe a Buffalonian can chime in. I won't be in the area until this summer, but you can bet I will seek out some Aunt Rosie's as well. If you find it, please report back!

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                              I'm right there with you. Visited Buffalo, tasted loganberry, and have been chasing the dragon ever since. Ordering online is so expensive but luckily I came across some concentrated stuff at IKEA and they call it Lingenberry or something. It's in the food section. If it's not the same its pretty comparable. Hope this helps

                              1. re: AquaGrade

                                That is certainly going to be an option, thanks AquaGrade.

                                Still, hopefully a Buffalonian can shed some light on where to buy some Aunt Rosie's......

                                1. re: magic

                                  You're welcome. Also, when mixing concentrates try to use water with a low TDS so it doesn't affect the taste. Download the free AquaGrade iPhone/iPad app or visit www.aquagrade.com to find the TDS of over 350 bottled waters and even TDS tests at local restaurants and cafes in your area

                                  1. re: AquaGrade

                                    Thanks for the tip, AquaGrade...

                          2. check out buffalofoods.com, they sell it by the can and it is a little expensive to ship. i am also looking for a powdered drink mix online, even ebay no luck yet.

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                              Thanks, jj! They used to sell the multi-gallon jugs of Aunt Rosie's in concentrated liquid form. I'll send a request to buffalofoods.com - if anyone could find it, they could!

                            2. Beef on weck, jims steakout, mighty taco, mr pizza, sanisteros (sp? on niagra), and of course the wings.. Buffalo food rocks.

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                                Recently bought Aunt Rosie in a 12 pack and Crystal Beach concentrate and in 2 liter bottle. Aunt Rosie's is very sweet with an artificial berry taste. Crystal Beach has more natural flavour and is less sweet. The concentrate was the best because you can carbonate the beverage or leave flat and adjust intensity. Best place to get a hot dog or beef on weck money no object. Schabels or Ted's by outlet mall.