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Jan 6, 2007 01:05 PM

A Buffalo, NY treat - Aunt Rosie's Loganberry! Where to find it???

This is for all the northerners (or transplant northerners!), because no one close to my area has even heard of this!! :)

It's been 7 years since my college days in the Buffalo/Rochester area (yikes!), and I'm still getting Loganberry cravings! It's one of those regional goodies that you can't find in the NY Metro area. (Not to mention a decent wing too!) Any ideas on where to get Aunt Rosie's?

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  1. OMG... I just came back from Buffalo Sun.. and am currently googling Aunt Rosie's Loganberry! this is how I found this post! if you find it please please let me know... I live in FL of course it is a Buffalo thing!

    1. Hey .. do you like BEEF on WECK! yum.. I thought that was a polish thing.. apparently it is A buffalo thing!

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      1. re: Dreams_of_Whimsy

        Yum! I LOVE Beef on Weck! Haven't had it in a while! One of those amazing Buffalonian treats - like wings and Loganberry. If I'm lucky enough to find some Aunt Rosie's, I'll be sure to let ya know!

      2. Well, Bonnie's Grill in Brooklyn has a pretty good beef on weck- i believe the owner was from buffalo. now if they could just replicate those steak and cheese and dandelion greens from violas... mmm...

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        1. re: frankbooth

          Hey all, I'm still in Buffalo. My favorite Beef on Weck is from Andersons Drive ins. The "Carls Choice is awesome. Good Beef on Weck CAN be eaten plan, just with Au Jus, or my favorite, with some good strong horseradish toclear the sinuses.Of course, nothing washes it down better than either a crisp cold loganberry, or maybe a Rolling Rock beer! As far as Loganberry goes, I think the concentrate IS still available, but not from Aunt Rosies. I'll try to hunt it down and report back. BTW, Weck (short for Kimmelweck) is GERMAN in origin. in the early 20's LOTS of germans emigrated to Buffalo. The rest is history... :-)

          1. re: kalamazookid

            Oooo I forgot about Guercios, I'll have to check and and see if they have cronfelts still. Great little market.
            apparently it can also be had at The Broadway Market, at a vendor called "Strawberry Island"


            I think they may ship (if you are really nice!)

        2. Ok, I found two websites that have Aunt Rosies!!

          They don't sell the syrup anymore, but you can buy it in bulk by the can for $1 each. It's expensive, but better than nothing!

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          1. re: Sra. Swanky

            I saw the site.. I was iffy about that site.. it just didn't look very...... reliable.. is that the word Im looking for.. the looks better. THANKS! wish they would just sell it here though! I wonder why they don't?

            1. re: Dreams_of_Whimsy

              Yeah - I think you're right about the Buffalofoods site - looks much more legit! I wish they would sell it by us too, but maybe the Aunt Rosie's people think that palates farther south of B-Lo can't handle the addictive flavor of Loganberry!! Who knows? I guess we have to grin & bear it for now. Too bad we can't get our beef on weck!

              1. re: Sra. Swanky

                I actually emailed Pepsi to ask them about Aunt Rosies and why it wasnt distributed anywhere south.. I only received the auto answer saying someone would get back to me w/in 24 hours.. yea.. that never happened.. Im still waiting.. Im gonna try again or call. Maybe they will sell it from thier website or something. Also.. the other day I went to Arby's with my friend .. can you believe I never ate at A rby's well any way.. I ordered a Roast Beef Sandwich and put thier horse raddish sauce on it.. didnt compare... that weck roll really makes a difference. Ah well.. you can order the weck rolls on Buffalofoods site also.

                1. re: Dreams_of_Whimsy

                  Here's hoping for some real help with our Loganberry craving! Please let me know what Pepsi tells you when (and if, of course!) you hear back from them! I know what you mean about Arby's - it'll hold ya over, but it's definitely not a beef on weck! :) Hey - you wouldn't happen to be a fan of garbage plates, would you? It's the dish that put Rochester on the map! (Well, according to the Food Network, anyway!) :)

          2. The original comment has been removed