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Jan 6, 2007 12:38 PM

Romantic, Simple, Not Super Expensive Eats in East Village

This board is great -- suggestions are always right on target. I'm in a pinch....have a second date tonight with someone in East Village, looking for a quiet romantic (but not TOO) place in East Village or Alphabet City that or course isn't too pricy or formal. Any help would be appreciated..thanks!!!

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  1. If you are okay to go just the other side of Houston from the East Village, we ate at a place called Code last night, on Orchard just below Houston. It used to be a posh vegetarian place called Heirloom. From the front it looked deserted, but the place is large and most people were seated toward the back. Large, but somehow intimate too, with a big bar. Surprisingly quiet. It's a tasting menu, so you can have small delicious inexpensive plates. They were showing old I Love Lucy shows on a huge screen in what wd be the outdoor part in summer, so you could see it but not have the noise. Cute. And a really nice waitress.

    1. Cacio e Pepe on 2nd ave is a nice date spot. Small and intimate, fantastic food (their namesake dish is a must try - served tableside). Since its a nice night they'll probably have the back patio open.

      Barbone is a tiny italian place on ave b. chef used to work at babbo. Also have a back patio.

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        Chef from Babbo left. But the food is still great.

        1. I second Cacio e Pepe and Barbone. Zerza would also work.

          1. Oriental Grill, on 6th between A and B, offers tasty asian fusion in a candle lit atmosphere. They have several vegetarian dishes as well. The prices are surprisingly low for such quality.

            1. Bianca on Bleecker by Bowery
              Il Buco on Bond
              Knife & Fork on E 4th