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Jan 6, 2007 11:32 AM

2004 Savennieres: Drink or Hold

In my further exploration of all things Loire, I picked up a 2004 Domaine du Closel Clos du Paipillon yesterday. I've had other Loire Chenin Blancs, but never a Savennieres. A little investigating has suggested that they need to be held for 7+ years, or at least some do. Does anyone know if this is the case with the Closel?

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  1. They can hold for many years. I had a '90 Baumard that I drank in 2001. Great,just amazing. Though I can't tell you anthing 'bout the '04's or Closel.

    1. 2004 was a good but not great vintage for Savennieres. Although it's only three years old, you can certianly drink it now and over the next couple of years. 7-10 years of aging (or more) applies to the best vintages.

      (Remember, these are all generalizations -- what you prefer may be different.)

      1. This is Wine Spectator's take on the 2004 Closel Papillon:

        Big wine, but with excellent definition and purity, this sports ginger powder, unsalted butter, white peach, honeysuckle and persimmon notes. Nice bracing finish has a hint of bitter almond. Drink now through 2012. 300 cases imported. –JM
        Score: 93 | Price: $26
        Country: France
        Region: Loire

        Issue: May 31, 2006

        1. This is an excellent wine. Im a sommelier here in the city and its one of my favorite wines to turn on customers to. It would definitely get better with a little age but its just so delicious at the moment. Either way you're cool.

          1. Now that I drank this bottle I thought I'd reply to myself: All the comments above were right on. It's a big wine (14.8%!!), maybe too big right now, and fairly acidic still. It's also delicious--honeysuckle, bitter almond, persimmon and a little slate. All in all, while it's a great drink now, I would have liked to have held on to it for a couple more years, when I bet it'll be fantastic. I think I'll go get another bottle and do just that.