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Jan 6, 2007 10:04 AM

The Four Chimneys Bennington, Vt.

has anybody been to The Four Chimneys lately? We drive by it fairly frequently on our way to The Man of Kent in Hoosick, N.Y. For an upscale destination it seems to have very old & sparse reviews on this board. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Haven't eaten thaere in 10 years. However if you want an outstanding dining experience go to Pangea in North Bennington.
    Excellent food.

    1. It's the Four Chimneys (don't mean to nitpick) and we haven't been there. My husband tells me he thinks it's under new ownership lately. If we ever find a good babysitter around here, we'd like to try it, too. Here's the menu:

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        We had a wonderful New Year's Eve meal there about 5 years ago. It was great at the time- excellent service, beautiful ambiance, and beautifully presented, better than average food. I remember a beef wellington if I am correct......

      2. Thanks for the correction "dukegirl", in what could hardly be described as a nitpick, LOL.
        The sad thing is that I KNOW that! I've got to stop posting in the black pre-dawn. Pangea is on my list. I ate there in it's former identity at that location. Typical for my day, I can't for the life of me remember that name. I think we've got a theme going here :-)

        Post script: The Board has kindly & quickly corrected my faux pas.

        1. I would also love to know about this place.

          I live embarrassingly close to have never been there. And now that we have a new addition to the family, I don't think I'll be there any time soon. (sigh)

          I concur about Pangaea. Fabulous, fabulous food.