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Jan 6, 2007 05:22 AM

"Hakka" style Chinese food in San Francisco?

Does anyone know of a place to have a "Hakka" style Chinese meal in San Francisco?

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  1. Ton Kiang on Geary in the Richmond District serves Hakka dishes. Try their salt baked chicken, steamed bacon with mustard greens, and their twice cooked pork, all traditional Hakka favorites.

    1. Here's an older thread that lists most of the usual suspects -

      1. Not in San Francisco, but I did a quick google on Golden Mountain in Hayward, and it seems like the original owners have sold the restaurant. Any truth to this?

        1. I've never ventured out to Hayward myself so no knowledge on Golden Mountain. Thanks for the great input.

          1. I have a lovely Hakka meal on Geary just west of fourteen on the South side of Geary but the name is not in my mind. The Salted Baked/Salted Steamed Chicken and the ginger sauce in still in my mind. Also the Pork Belly was very good. THe name in my mind is something River. I will be in the City tomorrow and if time allows I will drive by.

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              Hey, sunshine! From Melanie's link above, it would appear you went to Dragon River. Someone even mentions eating with you there...

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                That's it. I fear I know how to get there and what to order but names and address are not in my mind.

                I owe you one. Thanks for helping me out.