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Jan 6, 2007 05:13 AM

Does anyone know of really good blueberry pie in West LA/Hollywood?

I found an amazine blueberry pie in San Diego, but cannot find one near comparison in LA. Any ideas would be great, but I do live in West LA, so locations closer to this area would be preferred. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. In Griffith Park at Ferndell there is Trails cafe. Their Strawberry/Blueberry pie is very good and they have great coffee. Plus it is an amazing atmosphere. 4 and change for both.

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        Have you tried sweet Lady Jane on Melrose..... they have great pies.

        1. re: snoobie

          I just got back from Sweet Lady Janes and they had a beautiful bluebery pie... can't go wrong with anything there.

      2. Babalu and Cafe Montana in Santa Monica (both on montana) have the same dessert maker and have amazing fruit pies!!!

        call and see when they have blueberry
        (their mixed berry cobbler is To Die For)

        1. Thanks for all your suggestions! I will be sure to try em. I have been to Sweet Lady Jane but never tried their pies.