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Jan 6, 2007 04:12 AM

Boston Delis?

Does anyone know of any good deli style restaurants in Boston proper (Back Bay, Fenway, Downtown etc). I am thinking along the lines of a Zaftigs without the ride out to Brookline. This is the one restaurant style I wish Boston had more of.

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  1. Milk St Cafe downtown. Not a classic deli, but closest i can think of and worth checking out.

    1. Mike's deli in Coolidge Corner is way better than Zaftigs for sandwiches...but, again, it's out in Coolidge Corner.

      1. For a pastrami sandwich kind of fix there is that Sam Lagrassa place back behind the jewelers buildings in Downtown Crossing.

        1. S & S in Cambridge, right across the bridge, is as good as it gets in the Boston area. If you are west of the city, Barry's in Waban is very good also. Away from Coolidge Corner, down Harvard toward Allston, Rubin's, almost at the Brookline/Boston border, is quite good, too.