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Jan 6, 2007 04:08 AM

Golden Gate Bakery Mystery Puff- HELP!

Today I stopped by Golden Gate Bakery and enjoyed a delicious yellow puff of goodness! But I don't know what I ordered... I just pointed and the lady gave it to me. For future reference, I'd like to know what to call it. It was partially wrapped in parchment paper with end of the yellow cake puffing over the edges. Sort of cone shaped with a muffin top. The yellow cake was soft and light and almost sticky. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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  1. Steamed egg sponge cake (gai don go).

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    1. I don't think they're steamed (since they have the nice brown top). I think what you're referring to is just called the paper-wrapped sponge cake (zi bao dan go). At least that's what I call it when I order it...

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        i thought cyl was right but you're right because yeah they have browned tops though sometimes they're kind of pale. still, not steamed pale but baked pale. my bad.

      2. I realized as soon as I posted that I should have left out the word "steamed." There are different processes in making egg sponge cake and it does come in differently. In the older traditional dim sum places the egg sponge cake is steamed like a sheet cake and then cut into individual rectangular pieces. The more recent cone shaped baked version is found in bakeries rather than steameries.

        TSuffice it to say, the op need only to ask for "egg sponge cake" or "gai don go" the next time in Golden Gate Bakery and there is no doubt that he'll get the mystery puff.

        1. Thanks everyone! I'm going back to get a gai don go! Has anyone else noticed that their sesame balls are enormous there too! They are the size of baseballs, where I've normally seen them the size of golf balls. Way too tempting... their custard tarts smell amazing too.

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            The sesame balls are a little too greasy. Probably one of the few things I wouldn't order there again.

          2. What is the lovely rice flower pancake that they keep on top of the counter? It's stuffed with something sweet, although I didn't recognize the flavor. There were two types and it seemed like the kind of thing that would have red bean paste, so I'm wondering if that's what the second one might be?

            It tasted like something that could be a gummy disaster in the wrong hands but this was delicately flavored and very nice in texture.