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Jan 6, 2007 03:48 AM

Brunch metro west suburbs

I searched, but didn't find anything...

Looking for decent brunch/breakfast spots in metro west. I am centered in Needham / Wellesley, and willing to drive a bit.

Must be infant friendly.

Thanks Hounds!

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    1. Check out Gourmet Decisions in downtown Natick; adjacent to Dolphin seafood. Nice breakfast menu, friendly and comfortable atmosphere, and there have always been babies and children when I have gone. They have a french toast with mascarpone cheese and apples that I love, as well as things like a breakfast burrito and the usual breakfast fare.

      1. The Metropolitan Club on Route 9 in Chestnut Hill has an excellent brunch. Especially their homemade egg Metmuffin.Also churros with dulce del lece, other excellent dishes, eggs benedict etc. WE went with two little girls 2 and 4 and there was no problem.

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        1. re: emilief

          Is that a dress-up kinda place for brunch? I am not a huge steak-house person, so I need some guidance :).

        2. Doubletree, Winter Street exit off of 128 north in Waltham, just reworked their breakfast/brunch buffet. Kid friendly.

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          1. re: Pastramiman

            I sure do hope so, since it was a horrible waste of money when I tried it about a year ago.

          2. It is a really nice place but I have seen people in jeans there. It is one of those places you can go dressy or casual. Although this is a steak place, they have a wide variety of good options,e.g fish, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandw., pot roast etc.