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Eleven Madison Park

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Best service I have had in a long time. The food was special, but the presentation, the timing and the friendliness of the staff were what really made this a standout evening. Best dishes were an appetizer which was a scallop ceviche and a dessert which was a chocolate souffle.

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  1. 100% agree on the outstanding service at EMP - best I have had in the city without exception.

    I am also a big fan of chef Daniel's cuisine and can't wait until my birthday next month when I will get the tasting menu there.

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      I used to get excellent service in the days before Chef Humm was in charge, but the last time I went, it took at least an hour by the clock before we were served appetizers. So I would not call that "outstanding service" in the least. The sommelier was great, though.

    2. i feel like i'm the only person that feels this way, but i liked the old menu before they changed chefs waaay better. Had one of the best meals there prior to the change and now unfortunately probably wont go back.

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        I agree. Would go back just for the chocolate souffle though.

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          man, i could not agree more. loved the old stuff there. especially teh choc. souffle. damn. i can not understand why they got rid of such a classic, which used to be the only reason why we used to go there. and did you notice the lights? they got rid of the old chandaliers and got those underwhelming lanterns that are not grand enough for the space. i'm just saying....all in all...not an improvement. why did they change?

        2. If they're reviewed this week, I gotta bet on 3 stars in the Times. Humm is just too talented and the place has been energized since he and the new team arrived. I love the place.

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            I heard a rumor that it may be a dual review with Eleven Madison and The Modern but don't quote me on that. I'm curious to see what they both get if that's how Bruni writes it up. Personally I prefer the single restaurant reviews but he seems to be into doubling up lately.

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              The Modern is good, but EMP warrants a better review, in my humble view. Don't get me wrong, I liked the Modern and find the bar area a fun add on, but for a special dining experience in a grand surrounding, EMP has my vote

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                I'm very impressed that you knew about this in advance.

            2. Like I said, it's just something I heard. It may turn out to be just an EMP review.

              We had dinner there in September and are looking forward to going back soon and trying the tasting menu. Also looking forward to trying Gramercy Tavern's new menu. For some reason I'm not that excited to try The Modern. At least it's not on my short list. We'll probably try the Bar Room before we make it to the main dining area.

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                I had lunch in the main room at The Modern. Everything was beautiful (food, decor, views, bathroom even) but its not on the same level as EMP now.

              2. Thinking about going get some chow and sit at bar. anyone know if the menu is the same?

                Went to Gramercy Tavern on Sat night and was disappointed to find out that I couldn't order from the dining room menu.

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                  Menu at the bar is different than the main room. I do think it's online, however.

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                    I'm pretty sure the bar menu changed recently. My BF stopped in the other night and noticed it was different from when we were there in September. He ended up ordering off the regular menu but dined at the bar, which he said was fairly crowded.

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                      Sounds like the menus are different but you're still able to order from the regular menu at the bar.

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                        I'm stopping by today to talk to them about a dinner in their private rooms. I'll ask about the bar menu.

                2. Had booked a dinner reservation at 11 Madison for Restaurant Week & got an email from Open Table apologizing that there was a mixup & only lunch was available. Have eaten there a couple of times in the past & always had a great meal wanted to check out the new chef/new menu. Was up in the air over keeping the reservation cuz I rarely order from the RW menu anyway but was annoyed about the confusion. Then I got a call on my cell from 11 Madison about it which forced my hand & so I decided to cancel. Am eating at The Modern bar room for RW though... Unless they cancel that as well...

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