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Jan 6, 2007 03:13 AM

Awesome Sushi north of Boston - what's your vote?

We love Sakura's in Chelmsford. We also have tried Dynamite in Hudson, NH and love it too.

We're always looking for great sushi places.

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    1. re: SuperGrover

      I agree on Takumi. I find that you get the best service and recs if you sit at the sushi bar and strike a conversation with the chef (when possible, occasionally the language barrier is too great).

    2. We did try that and liked it, we did a sushi recommendation special but was dissappointed - I think because they were playing it safe and we are more adventurous sushi eaters.

      1. You You is good too but the service is always so horrid I refuse to go anymore.

          1. Right off Exit 6 near the Kohls.