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Jan 6, 2007 02:29 AM

Great Local Mexican Restaurant with Mariachi ?

I have a friend coming in from London who used to live near Plaza Garibaldi in La Ciudad de Mexico. She loves Mariachi music and I thought I'd surprise her with an evening out. Other than the dreaded Tequila Sunrise here in Bayside, I am unaware of any Mexican restaurants in Queens that feature mariachi music. We eat amazing Mexican at a ton of tiny places here and in Brooklyn, many of which are discussed on these boards, but they don't have mariachi bands. I've even thought of cooking up an elaborate Oaxacan meal here and hiring a band to come and surprise her, but it's been a bit difficult. I'm hoping someone can come up with something I've overlooked...

Muchas Gracias,

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  1. There is Los Mariachis in Brooklyn, on Coney Island Avenue. The food is decent, not amazing. They have a mariachi band certain nights of the week. I can't remember which ones—you could check.

    1. The other day I saw mariachis playing at a mexican restaurant in manhattan. Can't remember the name but it is on 49th street between 2 & 3rd Avenue. Good Luck

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        mama mexico. huge menu, good food, DELICIOUS drinks, ok service, tight quarters, but fun atmosphere and a mariachi band.