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Jan 6, 2007 02:26 AM

Need recs for dinner near Grand Opera House in Wilmington

Hi. We're going to see B.B. King at the Grand Opera house. I thought it would be nice to do dinner beforehand. It doesn't have to be fancy, just good and nearby since we don't know Wilmington at all. Any suggestions?

Also, if you know of a place that sells Xingu beer that would be the icing.


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  1. Downtown Wilmington, where the Opera House is located, is not a food mecca--there are upscale restaurants (none stellar, but some worth a stop) that are open for dinner, and more chow-ish places that tend to close early. There's a cheap and tasty Jamaican place a few blocks south of the Opera House on Market Street, but I can't remember if they are still open at dinnertime. On the more expensive end of things I would recommend Domaine Hudson, about 8 blocks away. The Washington Street Ale House and Mikimoto's, on the next block from DH, have some decent items, but I would not try to be too ambitious in ordering at either place. If you are interested in really spending some money (and eating food rich enough to put you to sleep during the show) you can hit the Hotel DuPont's restaurants.

    I used to like Restaurant 821, also on Market Street right across from the Opera House, but lately their menu has shifted to feature absurdly small portions at absurdly high prices, so I can't recommend it anymore even though the food is still tasty.

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      I don't know if they still do, but 821 used to offer valet parking. If you told them you were going to a show at the Opera house and ate at the restaurant, they would valet park you car and then have it outside the restaurant when the show let out. It was a very convenient way to eat and see a show.

    2. Toscana's in Trolley Square might be an option for you, although it would require a stop off beforehand (not within walking distance). Good italian food, more creative than most, not the red-gravy variety. They have a number of wonderful sides and salads, and an interesting pizza menu if you're not looking to spend too much -- there's a fig and honey pizza that's on the menu from time to time that's excellent.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out.

        1. You may want to check out Domaine Hudson near the Wilmington Hospital...

          1. I also recommend Domaine Hudson. I used to eat at Deep Blue frequently (expense account) and liked it but haven't since around the time the chef left a few years to open his own place (Chef's Table in Old New Castle). I hear that Deep Blue has gone downhill.

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              Wasn't Deep Blue owned by Dan Butler, who also owns Toscana? Butler, BTW, is about to open a new seafood/chops place in the location of the old Chadds Ford Inn in (where else?) Chadds Ford.