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Jan 6, 2007 02:22 AM

A Ca Shi Sushi (Review) in Studio City-across from CBS Studios

I've learned my lesson, stay away from sushi buffets. As discussed on this board, why hasn't anybody ever heard of this spot thats been there for over 5 years is because its awful. The restaurant was near empty when I dined there tonight at 6pm and for $25.00 I hope I dont get sick. The cuts of sushi were very low grade quality and the rolls didn't stand out at all. It was odd since they have you mark on the menu what you want similar to ala cart though its a buffet. I can go on and on yet from now on I'll save sushi for splurges and stick with Tama Sushi.

God awful spot

A Ca Shi Sushi
Laurel Cyn & Radford

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  1. For all-you-can-eat sushi, I like Midori. The sushi is pretty good for all you can eat quality.

    1. i've been there SO many times, and they've never had a buffett. Jay (the owner) is usually there doing everything to order. i haven't been there since mid last year, but i would be really suprised if he changed the format... it was really awesome the 5+ times i had been there before.

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