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Jan 6, 2007 02:20 AM

Best take home from Grand Central

We're moving out to Westchester in a few weeks, and I was wondering what people bring home from Grand Central - meals, produce, fish, meats, etc. - if anything.


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  1. I'd hit Murray's Cheese.

    1. You can get some good stuff at the Market (sorry but I can't remember all the names).

      o Murray's Cheese (as mentioned above) is really good.

      o The German meat provider has some good sausages, sliced meats, etc.

      o Both fish markets are good, but very pricey.

      o You can get excellent baguettes at the baked goods booth all the way at the eastern end by the door, and they are only $1.50.

      o The Italian butcher has excellent steaks, but is also very expensive.

      o The veg stands are fine, but nothing special.

      o Penzey's has excellent spices at decent prices.

      The Food Court downstairs has some decent takeout.

      o The Indian takeout by the escalator has pretty good buffet-style takeout meals, and they pack it up really well for takeout. It's also fast if you are running for a train.

      o The sushi place has lots of pre-made maki for take-out, if you can get past the idea of carrying sushi around for an hour or so until you get home.

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        CTEats does a good job summarizing - I would say that the fish markets are both very high end and priced accordingly. The prime steaks at the italian butcher are expensive but consistent with prime meats at other NYC butchers, but the other stuff is tolerably priced. I sometimes find the counter men a little inexperienced, but maybe I just got used to Bob Pence at Oppenheimer's on the UWS.

        I love the baguettes at Corrado - get the sour dough ones ($2, but larger than the regular ones).

        Dishes is very good, somewhat pricey, prepared food. I'm always pleased with the quality and it's usually quite interesting.

        Oren's is one of my favorite coffee roasters - I love their Oren's Special Blend.

        I love LiLac chocolate.

        1. re: MarkD

          What do you like from Dishes? My husband loves their soups, do they have those available for take home?

      2. Downstairs also has the Little Pie Company, a good dessert option (especially their sour cream-walnut-apple pie).

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          I purchased an individual apple pie from them last month and was very underwhelmed. Very expensive, all dough and the apples were tasteless. Allergic to nuts, so ur suggestion does not work. any others?

          1. re: jfood

            I never buy the small individual pie, for exactly that reason: too much dough - tried it once and learned my lesson. Either buy a large pie, or just for yourself, buy a slice (or two); slices are cut from the large pie and are usually in the display case. Either of those options is far superior to the small pie, especially when heated up for a few minutes.

          1. Wild Edibles (fish store) is a regular stop for us.

            The produce market is kind of pricey, but fine for conveniently picking up something needed for that night's recipe.

            Li-Lac is great if you need chocolates for a gift. Wonderful traditional american style. This isn't the place for fleur de sel caramels or exotic truffle flavors, but I personally think they make the platonic ideal of chocolate covered caramels.

            I'd also recommend breads and desserts from the bakery at the end. Corrado? They make some of the best commercial muffins around.

            Experiment. Commuting can be a pain, but Grand Central is truly a pleasure.