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Jan 6, 2007 02:15 AM

Pies and Thighs

A few quick thoughts based on my meal there tonight.

I was worried that they'd be out of the fried chicken and most of the desserts based on previous reports (I got there around 8.) Not to worry, there was ample chicken. Perhaps they know to stock up for Friday evenings?

There were two scrumptious-looking slices of apple pie there when I arrived. (There is a little nook where the desserts are displayed.) Not wanting to risk missing the pie, I ordered the pie as an appetizer and took it into the dank recesses of the Rock Star bar to wait (the lovely women who work at Pies and Thighs will find you in there, and the wait for chicken was 20 minutes.)

The pie slice was enormous and delicious - not too sweet, flaky, toothsome pastry, lots of cinnamon. Wow.

My friend had a slice of the hummingbird pie (banana, carrot, pinapple, coconut.) Dense, moist and delicious.

I ordered mashed potatoes. These were brought out in a large coffee mug. The service was immense. I could eat perhaps a fifth. Yummy but needed salt.

The chicken finally arrived - three lightly battered pieces of chicken, a leg, a wing and a breast. By this point I was almost out of appetite and could only eat the leg - steaming hot, it tasted slightly sweet (buttermilk?) and was wonderful.

The nice people in the kitchen gave me a piece of tinfoil and a plastic bag so I could wrap up my chicken to take home. While there I saw they had just brought out an entire key lime pie - my favorite - and even though I had less than no stomach capacity I almost bought a piece to bring home. Next time.

Keep in mind that this place has less than no atmosphere. Rock Star Bar is a BYOTP (bring your own toilet paper) kind of a place. but the food is really good. I'm glad I don't live nearby or I'd gain 20 pounds.

(There is apparently a garden with open seating at certain times.)

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  1. Glad you liked it, I would definitely say that it was one of my best bites of 2006. The "garden" is I think the patch of cement with tables right next to the entrance.

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      there's a fenced-in cement yard adjacent to the kitchen where they set up tables in warmer weather. it's not the most picturesque dining experience, but when the food is as wonderful as this i'm not going to complain.

      1. re: wleatherette

        Hahaha...I don't think that area is technically "fenced in"! I think it used to be the loading dock for whatever was there before, so it's really kind of picnic tables on the driveway. I LOVE it, it's so white trashy!

        OH! And, eeee, you SHOULD have gotten the key lime pie. It's ridiculously good.

    2. What did you mean by 'the service was immense'? Are you referring to large portions? Confused.

      1. I think the OP meant to say that the serving was immense.

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          Where in the heck is this restaurant? I looked for it tonight on my way home but couldn't find it (I have pretty bad vision and even worse night vision). Is it the ramshack-elly pub (said with a note of affection and appreciation for ramshack-elly pubs) on the corner of S. 5th? Thanks.

          1. re: Clinton Hiller

            it's located in the kitchen in back of the rock star bar, which is on the corner of kent and s.5th. the entrance is actually on s.5th - look for the door just before the fenced driveway/yard area. i suppose you could go through the bar, but there is a separate entrance - even if it's a bit mysterious.

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              If you're driving you have to come to it off of Kent (which is now 2-way again). S.5th is one-way eastbound. and it's kinda tricky getting to that particular block.

            2. re: Clinton Hiller

              You can find it with your nose! Haha. It's a tiny unmarked hole in the wall.

          2. that's it. there's no sign, just a wee entrance on south 5th.

            1. It's sort of hard to find and I don't think that there's even a sign. It is on the corner of Kent and S. 5th.