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Jan 6, 2007 02:00 AM

Buffalo Grass vodka

I remember growing up and not only having Catholic Easter at my house but being invited to my mom's friends' house for Russian Orthodox Easter. Along with the all the terrific Russian food, there were several types of Buffalo Grass vodka out on the table and it was "polite" to sit and have a thimble sized shot of this vodka with our friends' mother. Has anyone seen this type of vodka, where can I find it? Thanks

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  1. I don't know where you are, but I think it is generally available in the NYC area - I was surprised. Also found it when I lived in DC. I think the one I'm familiar with may have been Polish - could be wrong.

    1. In the San Francisco Bay Area.....but willing to order...

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        I realized that I was thinking of Bison Grass vodka - is that what you meant? If so, here's a link to a maker - if you email them they'll send you a list of retailers in your area:

      2. I think the stuff you're talking about is Żubrówka, which is actually Polish/Belarusian in origin. Bison grass gives it its distinctive herby flavor. It disappeared in the USA for a while because bison grass naturally contains a banned food additive. Distillers now make a reforumulated (read: artificially-flavored) version that can be sold here.

        1. My father had a bottle of Zubrowka in his liquor cabinet for many years, which had bison grass in the bottle. Great stuff.

          1. Zubrowka is the most widely distributed brand of this style that I know of. What is sold in the US though, has the grass "neutralized" and the essence of the grass added to the vodka. What is sold in Europe is the original and the "real"deal. However, I found that there can be an allergic reaction to the orinal grass infused vodka.

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              Bison grass contains the compound coumarin, which was banned as a food additive by the FDA in the late 70s. It's mildly toxic to the liver and kidneys (unless you're a rat, in which case it is lethal). Only coumarin-free Żubrówka can be legally exported to he USA.