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Jan 6, 2007 01:30 AM

How Sharp Should a Pizza Wheel be? [Moved from Home Cooking]

I bought a Kitchen Aid pizza cutter today--the heavier one from the "Professional" line of their cooking products.

I've never owned a pizza wheel before, but was somewhat surprised when I opened it and it wasn't sharp at all. Is this normal? I realize I'll only ever be using it to cut dough, but should it be dull? I can roll it all over my palm without any fear of being cut.

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  1. Pizza cutters are rather blunt, using more of a wedge-separation effect.

    My best pizza cutter is made out of a heavy grade of clear acrylic plastic that costed about $2 from an old job. It busts the hard edge blanched crust that a local pizza joint sells far better than the wheel type of cutters.

    1. I had the same surprised feeling when I got my first Henckels cleaver and it was as dull as a thumb. I guess not all "cutting" devices use the same principle.

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        Well a clever needs to be a bit on the blunt side, so it doesn't dig to deep into the top upon impact. Still another wedge-separation device.

        Believe it or not, an over sharpened clever can be substuted for a hatchet or an axe and be used to split wood. In one instance a friend split his wife's favorite John Boos cutting table when he over sharpened his clever.


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          Never thought of that. Makes sense given the force you're using to break the joints/bones apart. Thanks!

      2. I've found most pizza wheels eventually fail because of the rivet that holds the blade to the handle. I start using a cleaver by holding it where I want to cut and gently pressing down on the blade and handle. The cleaver is roughly half the diameter of my pizza and the wedging action is perfect.

        Then I hit pizza-cutting nirvana when I acquired a cutter from a closed Pizza Hut. It is a semi-circular piece of stainless steel with the straight side folded into a handle and a razor-sharp curved edge. It makes short work of any pizza.

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          Sort of looks like a mezzaluna? I always thought they looked like they could do a good job. Thanks

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            Heh, I remember using that gigantic knife when I used to work at a pizza place. Worked great, actually.

          2. Ok I have to weigh in here. We are closet pizza fanatics, don't tell ok. We have been through about 2 dozen pizza wheels. The best is the one that you just got. Has a good heft and balance. Cuts pies like a pro. (Let the pizza sit just a while when it comes out of the oven, it will be a lot easier to cut, and the cheese will stay on the slices.) No rivet on this one as it is a bolt which is handy for the occasional complete take apart and cleaning.
            Also great for making Croissants, Ravioli, Triangle pasta, and a host of other things.

            1. I love my Pampered Chef pizza's heavy in the hand, and works great for cutting alot of other things besides pizza. The blade is fairly sharp...they give you a blade cover to protect from any inadvertant nicks when digging through drawers.
              I used to work at Pizza Hut many moons ago...their cutters are the are lucky El Puerto! I should have snuck one out when I left! lol